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A mental game.

The slight swelling on my leg has morphed into a rather big patch of darkish grey. It hurts when I cross my leg over the area; it hurts even when I sleep on it. Ah, the perils of a noob tennis "player" trying to serve when her serve is quite possibly the worst serve in the world.


It's a great testament to the power of Roger Federer that I played tennis again today. It shows that tennis is beyond Roger Federer - which is exactly what he would want.

And so I've decided to wake up at 4 a.m. to watch the men's final. However, I can't handle listening to twats talk about Roger's loss yet, so I'm gonna watch it with the sound on mute for the first time ever. Tennis is actually very rhythmic; I like listening to tennis as much as I like watching it. It's a complete experience. But the US Open commentators are generally annoying (except Taylor Dent, whos' the only commentator that I've found interesting so far. Luke Jensen pissed the shit out of me during Roger's semi-final), and I can bet my life's saving so far that they will definitely go on and on and on about that semi-final. No thanks, not interested, don't need morons to make me feel worse, so fuck off to you.

There were a couple of guys at the tennis courts today talking about Roger and the semi-final. I couldn't hear what they said exactly; all I could catch was "match points". That was enough to piss me off. Don't fucking talk about Roger if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Thus, all the idiots calling Roger a sore loser because of his comments that Nole hit a lucky shot on Roger's first match point can shut the fuck up. Nole even admitted that it was a lucky shot.

Everyone can just fuck off, really. Maybe we'll talk if you win 17 slams; until then, shut the hell up, play your tennis, support your favourite, and leave Roger Federer alone.


Anyway, I'll go to bed immediately if Nadal wins the first set. I'm not Nole's biggest fan, but I do like him better than Nadal. I hope Nole wins. Someone needs to stop Nadal from catching Roger's record; that person needs to be Nole.

Actually, I'd prefer Roger to do it himself, but he lost, so what can I do?


Tennis was great though, the haze notwithstanding. It's super fun to hit the ball on the rise. This kinda goes back to what I said about tennis being rhythmic: you have to listen to the ball as much as watch it. That makes it easier for me anyway.


On another note, this is a weird combination: I'm an aggressive person, full of arrogance, who wants to be better than everyone else (generally speaking). At the same time, I'm non-confrontational, do not like arguments, will not say something to force an awkward moment, will not speak the truth just to avoid an awkward moment.

This means that there are lot of things that I won't say. I won't say it when something is wrong; I would rather not talk about it. Probably the only people who's had first-hand experience of the kind of self-indulging, egotistical remarks that I make are my parents, my brother and my boyfriend. I think that I'm smarter than most people around me.

I'm actually not such a pleasant person; I just put on this facade, I suppose, so that I won't get cut down to size often? I don't know. At the same time, it's not really a facade. I don't pretend to be something, someone, that I'm not. All I do is not say some things that run through my mind - things that aren't flattering or complimentary; things that, if spoken out loud, would make the the other person think that I'm an egotistical piece of shit.

But I am, you see. Perhaps it's a sign of some deep-seated insecurity on my part; whatever it is, I can't imagine being a genuinely humble person. What's the point in that? Why not just admit that you're better than everyone else when it's clear as fucking daylight are?

I just can't help thinking that most people are stupid - because they are. What else is there to say?

My slim tolerance for stupid people, as well as annoying people, and the kind of stupid things that these group of people say, is probably at an all-time low.

I don't know what the point of all this is. It was just something that I was thinking about.


I got distracted by the two guys talking about Roger during tennis just now; I was irritated that they were even talking about him, and I got distracted by my irritation. I went on to hit three consecutive balls into the net.

Roger's actually quite mentally fragile. His talent has just overshadowed this aspect of his game. It's therefore quite amazing, really, that he's won 16 grand slams. He got distracted by a bad call by that fucktard named James Garner at the 2009 US Open final and went on to lose. He definitely got distracted by Djokovic's lucky shot on match point, and who knows what else, during that bloody semi-final.

It's a whole different mindset when you're playing at this level. I continue to be awed by the mental strength and determination of some of these players, even those that I dislike, like Nadal. You have to hand it to him: this guy is a mental giant (despite his new-found tendency to double fault on break points). It's what makes him so difficult to beat. It will be interesting to see how he plays the final tomorrow morning, after losing to the opponent in 5 finals in a row.

We always say that tennis is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. But I wonder if it's true for Roger. He's always been rather frail mentally; he had to put in effort to control his emotions on court (he used to throw tantrums and racquets around). But it seems like his sheer talent surpasses everything else - his inherent weakness, all his opponents' weapons. Of course, he's got to have the mentality of a champion to get to where he is; but considering who he is naturally, it's amazing how much work he's put into this to be where he is today.

There are just so many things I admire about this guy. He's incredible. I'm looking forward to the rest of the tennis season. I will never get tired of watching him play.



I really wanted a hug or two from him yesterday, when I couldn't stop crying over Roger's loss. I was ranting to him about it, about the shitty manner of the loss, and he said, "Oh I understand lol."

That's why I love him. He understands. He gets it. I need him in my life. He's an amazing boyfriend.

He bought me a London charm bracelet despite hating the life out of Great Britain for political reasons, all because he knows that I'm an Anglophile. He's so sweet. Have I mentioned that he's an amazing boyfriend? I really missed him when he was stuck in army; we didn't even go out on Saturday night. He'll be going back on Thursday but apparently we can go out over the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing what he looks like without hair. HAHAHAHA.


Gonna watch the women's final now. Samantha Stosur defeated Serena Williams 6-2, 6-3, featuring another outburst by Williams. HAHAHA.
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