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I don't get this defensive play thing that players like Caroline Wozniacki do. I've tried playing pure defence - just hit the ball back, usually down the middle of the court - but I almost always end up getting bored and losing patience and trying to go for a special shot. I can understand, in a detached sort of way, how it would be a good winning strategy against opponents who can't hit winners consistently, or at all; but it's just so boring to me.

I also like to play near, or on, the baseline. I hate getting pushed back, especially by loopy balls with no spin or pace. I hate getting pushed back, too, by balls with heavy topspin. Sadly, I'm having problems controlling the power of my new racquet (gonna string it tighter next time I have it restrung) and just timing the shots correctly in general, and so I still can't really hit balls on the rise from the forehand side.

I get into these bad patches, too, when an alarm goes off in my head after hitting consecutive backhands into the net. This really drives me crazy. It pisses me off more than making errors from my forehand because the backhand is my favourite shot. When that goes off, I become irritated and start playing like shit. It takes rather immense willpower for me to tell myself to focus, focus, focus. Damn my lousy mental focus.

There's no point to this. I made a new icon - see my new display picture. I rather like how it turned out.


I'm more or less officially employed. I'm rather excited. But I won't get ahead of myself, just in case I jinx this. We'll just see how this one goes.


Masters application stuff is seriously stressing me out. I feel so overwhelmed when I look at the information on the various schools' websites. I'm stuck on my personal statement. I don't know what to write. Maybe this means that I shouldn't even go. Sigh. I don't know.
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