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Maria Kirilenko had a match point on Stosur's serve, 6-5 in the third set. Stosur hit an incredible kick serve out wide that bounced high over Maria's head. Maria returned the incredible high-bouncing kick serve that pulled her way out wide, then ran all the way back to the other side of the court where Stosur had hit a forehand and approached the net, and fired down an incredible forehand passing winner to win the match.

AMAZING. FUCKING. BLOODY. AMAZING. I was SO impressed with Maria's groundstrokes today, especially in the first set. She really went for the forehand and completely shocked me by hitting actual winners from the baseline.

I think I might like her a bit more than Sharapova. It's just so gratifying to see hard work pay off sometimes. And her reaction after that match point - absolutely priceless.

Tags: china open, maria kirilenko, tennis

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