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I love shopping and cheap stuff, but I don't get this H&M thing.

1. Selling stuff on eBay

I'm quite surprised that this old white basic tennis skirt that I put up for auction on eBay went from a starting bid of USD9.99 to a sale price of USD25.09. I suppose I thought that nobody would want it that badly as it's just a boring white skirt - which was why I sold it to begin with.

I sold another Nike outfit (one with a cross-back which would screw up my tanlines) and a random Nike tank top that I thought was a tennis tank, but turned out to be for training. I wore it once with the white skirt referred to above and really didn't like it. The colour is a nice sweet light pink and it went really well with the white skirt, but...ehhhh. I didn't really care for it.

There is this particular buyer who was interested in the Nike outfit with the cross-back but had some reservations about the cutting of the top. I totally didn't understand what she meant - it's a tennis tank top, it fits just like any other tank tops, the fit is as regular as it can get. She didn't manage to bid in the end, but I managed to sell it anyway, so yay. Now she's asking me to send her pictures of my future sales. I just put up a new item (another Nike outfit that I wore maybe 3 times in total) and she's asking for pictures of the back and side view. Side view? Errrr. That's rather extraneous. That's also rather impossible, as I'm not about to put it on and have a picture of myself in it taken from the side. I don't wanna have to wash it again before I sell it (if it sells. I hope it does).

Anyway, I went crazy shopping for tennis nonsense online a couple of weeks ago and the tennis section of my wardrobe is positively bursting. Hence, I'm trying to get rid of clothes that I hardly wear to make space for my new stuff. Hahahaha.

(Omg, my new Fred Perry tennis outfit - that I got on sale - is soooo cute. It's just a polo and pleated skirt but the polo fits so well. I bought this Nike tennis dress for only USD21 and it's awesome. Serena Williams' would've-been 2011 Australian Open dress looks great too, except it's white and thus emphasises the excess fats around my waistline. There's this other Serena Williams dress that I bought for no real reason that is too big for me and it's size S. Ugh. It's awful. It's long and baggy. There are lots of this dress floating around eBay so it's gonna be very hard for me to get rid of this one. Oh well. Also bought a past season Stella McCartney tank top - it's really baggy. But the colour - this light peach - is so darling. And Maria Kirilenko wore the white version of it at the 2008 Australian Open. So it's a keeper.)

I can spend SGD120 on a tennis skirt, but I can't spend the same amount of money on a normal dress. I don't know why. I think I need help.

2. Work

Thankfully, sort of, I'm gonna start earning a salary again. This will be crucial to helping me pay off my credit card bills. Yay.

3. H&M Singapore

I went to H&M for the first time on Tuesday morning. All I can say is - what. the. fuck?

As far as cheap clothes go, I'd choose, first, Mango for the better clothing construction and designs; and second, fucking FOREVER 21, not so much for quality, but because it's 1) cheaper; and 2) more aesthetically-pleasing than H&M. I didn't go to the second storey so I can't comment on the stuff sold upstairs, but I tried on 7 items and ended up buying one boring grey work dress simply because I'm looking to expand my work wardrobe.

I tried on:

1. A short-sleeve t-shirt and a waist-high black skirt with a side-zip. The zip kept getting caught in the excess cloth around it, and the longer I wore the t-shirt, which has some embellishment around the collar, the itchier it made me feel;

2. A black floral dress with a very nice sweetheart neckline, which I quite liked despite the tight fit around the damn chest area all thanks to my stupid ribcage, even despite the length of the dress (slightly below knees which is Way Too Long); but I didn't buy it. Why? Because there were so many damn loose threads that I was afraid the dress might just fall apart after a few wears;

3. Random salmon-coloured weird dress with random prints that looked like shit on me. Worse, it looked like it was in some serious need of some intensive ironing, and then some;

4. Another black floral-print work dress, but I absolutely hated it because it was cowl neck, and I just felt very hot in it; and

5. A rather cute yellow and white tiered dress, but it looked like shit on me because...I don't know why. I just don't look good in these frilly, cutesy dresses.

The clothes are H&M are definitely cheap. You can also tell that they're cheap by looking at them. That was the problem I had. I'm never going back, unless Wei Chuen drags me there or something (e.g. I don't step into Uniqlo unless I'm shopping with him. I don't really wear basics and I haven't seen anything there that I like).

When I went to H&M in London and Paris, I was already wondering what the big fuss was. Now that it's here in Singapore, I'm just floored by all those masses of cells that parade around this country without anything between the ears who queued up for this. This. Really? I'd rather pay a bit more to get something that looks better, of relatively higher quality at Mango. Not that Mango's the epitome of good quality clothes; it's definitely not. But the quality is commensurate with the price, and the designs are great, and I can still fit into size S there, sometimes even XS, therefore it's probably my favourite brand.

4. Shopping

Speaking of Mango, I bought this amazing AMAZING work dress there a couple of weeks ago, that I'm saving to wear. It looks so good. I don't even look that fat in it. And I bought two more dresses there today HAHAHA. One of them - a blue sleeveless jersey dress - is way too low cut, which is rather pointless since I have non-existent cleavage, but it looked so fucking good that I couldn't resist. I felt like a different person in it - seriously.

The other dress is hot pink top and black skirt with a black elastic waistband that I plan to wear to work sometime. I tried on the same thing in some other boring colours and it didn't look that great, but this pink version made me look 5 years younger. I love it.

The best part about my shopping spree today at Parkway Parade was accidentally trying on a pair of shoes at Marks & Spencer, the last pair, in my size, that looked fantastic, and cost absolutely fantastic too. It was on sale at thirty fucking dollars.

I LOVE IT WHEN I STUMBLE UPON SUCH GREAT BARGAINS. That sort of made my day. Now I don't have to wear the same boring black shoes to work that I wore all the time when I was at the previous job.

Of course, this means that I'm gonna end up wearing the same pair of shoes every day, but at least this pair isn't boring. It's grey with a shiny finish and an asymmetric zippered strap across. Really awesome.

5. Other matters

I submitted two pieces to QLRS a month ago, just for fun, especially after reading a really shit story that they published. I didn't really bank anything on this, so I was pleasantly surprised to see an email from one of the editors saying that they're going to publish one of the pieces.

Erm. I hope they don't change their minds; otherwise, this part of this entry will come back to embarrass the shit out of me.

Actually, it's slightly sad. I wrote that story 3 years ago. Since then, I'm struggling to finish things that I started 2 or 3 years ago. Sigh. I am such a stupid fraud.

I actually had a pretty great tennis training session yesterday. In fact, what I really want to say is that my new racquet is so bloody incredible that I don't know why it took me so long to change my racquet. It's so much easier now to hit through the ball and generate actual pace off my forehand. I'm starting to control the power better, and the racquet's improved my timing a lot.

That said, my backhand is still a disgrace. I'd hit one good backhand and then the next backhand into the net, repeat over and over again. I just can't get enough spin on it consistently, worse still when the ball is low. I don't get down low enough to the ball and bring down the contact point so that I can hit it over the net. I think I'd be less annoyed if the ball goes out instead of into the net all the time; right now, it just shows that my problem remains still. Not Enough Topspin. I do like my naturally flat backhand, but that's not very helpful when I'm defending and getting pushed back or out wide. Or, you know, when the ball is low.

On a brighter note, I can feel that my serve isn't as sucky as it was. I can feel the full extension of the arm. I just can't get a consistent ball toss. SIGH.

I must say though, wearing pretty tennis clothes inspires me to play better. Very superficial, but it's true. It makes sense, right? When you feel good, when you feel good about looking good, it puts you in a good mood and frees up your mind to concentrate on other things. Like when I wear a nice outfit to work - it makes me feel good. It puts me in a good mood. It makes me less cranky about being at work. Which is why I'm buying new work clothes - I'd need all the help I can get starting next Monday to get back into the groove of working again.

Lastly, the reason I was at Parkway Parade was because my grandmother wanted to have lunch there and I tagged along. I was supposed to play tennis with Mr Topspin this morning but he cancelled due to a stomachache. I was actually quite glad - I got to sleep a bit longer and I got to have lunch with my grandma. So. Yay.
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