anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I'm moving.

After a long period of deliberation, I have finally decided to abandon Diaryland and shift over to Livejournal, here.

There's nothing in there yet, save for the early entries from 2001 and 2002 that I've been painstakingly and manually moving over the entire afternoon. The aim is to move all my entries there, though it's quite obviously going to be a painful process, seeing as I have over a thousand entries here. But hey, small sacrifice to make for a bigger objective, yes?

Truth be told, I've been wanting to get a new host for the longest time - ever since the day I tried to archive my entries which only led to my Firefox crashing on me. That was a few months ago. During those few months, I kept thinking about how I've been using this account for nine years - nine fucking long years. I'm a sentimental fool, and it's a lot of history, and I just don't change my blog address ever; but wow, I really need to archive these entries. And I'm also getting tired of how basic Diaryland is.

So Livejournal it is. I've used it before, and it lets me customise my layouts within a fixed template. It saves me the hassle of coding an entire layout from scratch (which is a lot harder than it was in 2002 or whenever it was I first started doing this HTML crap) and at the same time gives me the flexibility of customising my own layout using CSS. Of course, there's no way in hell I'm gonna go through the painful chore of coming up with a CSS stylesheet from scratch, so I'm gonna modify it from a pre-existing one.



In other news, I made the bad decision of driving to Vivo City last night. After the nightmare I experienced when I tried to park my car, I vowed to never drive to Vivo City, on any day of the week, any time of the day, ever again.

Something is seriously wrong with the car park's management if they continued to let cars in even though THERE WERE NO AVAILABLE LOTS. Every corner I turned the lots count was zero. I went to basement 2 and it was still zero. Cars were parked haphazardly, waiting to chance upon shoppers on their way out, and the considerate thing to do was to position your car to the side so that you didn't block the way, right? Some idiot just HAD to hoard the entire driveway by parking dead centre with his fucking hazard lights on, and when I tried to get out of the damn car park I couldn't move because HE was parked inconsiderately, waiting for a car in front to leave.

I was so pissed I slammed on my horn practically non-stop, such that Wei Chuen had to ask me to calm down. I vaguely saw someone open the door at the passenger seat and half got out, but didn't do anything more than that.

If those two idiots had wanted a confrontation, I would've given them a confrontation and a lesson in how to be considerate in a situation that was already pissing the living shit out of me. How the hell was it my problem that you wanted to wait for the lot? How the hell was it my problem that you couldn't MOVE TO ONE SIDE like a decent human being so that other drivers who wanted to get the hell out of that useless car park and stop wasting time could get the hell out? What an idiot, seriously.

After that I attempted to park at Harbour Front, just to see that the car park was full when I got to the back of the queue. Not keen on waiting at all as I'd wasted too much time on this shit, I turned right to the office building. A desperate move for sure, because at 11-plus when we wanted to leave, none of the doors were opened and we had to walk up the car park ramp (used by the cars) to get to the car.

Fuck this stupid Resorts World Sentosa shit. Whatever happened to protecting Sentosa's "flora and fauna" anyway? Fucking tourist dollar.

Anyway, we ended up having dinner at 10 minutes past 8. I finished almost an entire plate of ee-fu noodles by myself (Wei Chuen took one small bowl) and Wei Chuen, who said that he wasn't hungry before we went out, ate some beef with fried rice and six xiaolongbaos by himself. My boyfriend is a PIG.

We watched Shanghai. Er, it was bad. It was boring. There was no plot. Literally the only thing that kept the movie alive was the actors. I don't really understand how it managed to get John Cusack, Gong Li, Chow Yun-Fat and Ken Watanabe to act in this, but thank goodness they did; otherwise, the movie would've been utterly unwatchable.

But then again, the only reason I wanted to watch it was because of the cast, so I guess it met minimal expectations.

I'm so excited about Inception though. IT'S OPENING ON THURSDAY! I love Christopher Nolan's genius film-making, so expectations are sky-high for this. I hope it doesn't disappoint; I'm in need of a good film to watch.


Tennis yesterday was pretty awesome. At one point NUS Wall Guy got all pseudo-competitive and started smacking the ball damn hard. I was pretty much left flummoxed at the baseline every time, but it was pretty exhilarating. There was this awesome rally that I really wanted to win, and when I stepped in to hit my winning shot, I was so excited that...I swung my racquet and smashed the ball into the net.

Clearly, there are lots to learn from Roger Federer.

I'm quite pleased, though, that I managed to hit an inside-out forehand with some bite. NUS Wall Guy tried to hit it back but couldn't, and it landed in the net. That was pretty special.

I love tennis. I'd like to come back as a professional tennis player in my next life. I had lunch at the Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel, today, and when I was staring into space I had a sudden image of me in Wimbledon whites, tennis gear by my side, sitting in an English cafe drinking coffee, presumably before I take the court. I fell in love there and then.

There's something really romantic about being dressed in all white and playing on the green lawn of Wimbledon. It's tennis at its classic best - at least, the image that it invites. Putting aside the controversy about slowing down the speed of the courts, it's no wonder why Wimbledon's regarded the most prestigious grand slam. Nothing screams "tradition" more than pure white against pure green.

Ah well.


The only reason I'm looking forward to my birthday is because I won't be going to work that day.

I don't even want to talk about work, seriously.

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