anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Bitch, please.

My stupid buyer on eBay - this stupid buyer has not paid me for the item that she won. She said that she was overseas and would bank transfer me the payment when she got back. That was last week. She said that she'd be back on the 11th, and would transfer on the 11th or the 12th.

It's the 13th. No word from this bitch. I sent her a message yesterday, politely requesting that she paid me by the end of the week, failing which I would offer the item to the next highest bidder. No word from this bitch for the whole of today.

I feel like sending her another message, something like this: "Hi, for the avoidance of doubt, I meant by 2359 hours on Friday when I said 'end of the week'. You should also know that I am legally trained, so do not mess with me or I will destroy you."

Am I still bound by the Legal Profession Rules even though I'm not a practising lawyer right now?

What a stupid question. Have I been struck off the rolls? Obviously not.

Therefore, in the interest of upholding the good image of the profession into which I have been sworn, I'm just going to tell her that if she doesn't fucking pay me by 2359 hours on Friday, I'm gonna offer the item to the second highest bidder.

This fucking bitch is a fucking Singaporean. How do you do this to a fellow citizen? If you don't intend to pay, don't fucking bid. I've regretted a few bids over the past few weeks but since I won the item, I fucking paid up, too damn bad if I regret it. And don't just bloody disappear without a word.

Also, I'm going to write to eBay about this shit. I checked this bitch's feedback profile when she bid on my item and didn't read the actual feedback because she had all positive feedback. Yesterday, when I heard no word from her, I went to read the actual comments, and guess what I bloody found out? She's done this before - won an item, didn't fucking pay, completely disappeared.

My question to eBay, which I will not phrase nicely, is: why the flying fuck, then, does her feedback profile show all positive feedback? What a damn lie. What a damn freaking lie. That's utterly misleading. Why is this bitch still allowed to play around on eBay if she's pulled this shit before?

The swearing is getting out of hand here but I'm obviously damn pissed off. And, seriously? She won the item for USD12.50. It's not like I have to sell it to her for like, USD50 or whatever. How difficult is it to cough up 12.50? What a fucking moron.

Anyway, I eventually sent her this:

Dear [bitch],

I refer to my last message.

For the avoidance of doubt, I meant by 2359hours on Friday when I said "end of the week". To make it absolutely crystal clear: Please make payment by 2359hours on Friday, failing which I will 1) offer the item to the next highest bidder; 2) leave you negative feedback; and 3) report you to eBay.

If you need more time, I would appreciate a response. Otherwise, please pay for the item that you won and save both of us some time. Thanks.

I'm never going to sell anything to Singaporeans ever again. The next Singaporean to bid on my items will have her bid cancelled. How fucking typical - Singaporeans are retarded anyway.


In other news, I'm never going to sleep at 1 a.m. when I have tennis training the next day ever again.

I had dinner with Wei Chuen at Sheraton yesterday, and reached home at about 10.15. I showered, surfed random nonsense online, then watched the last episode of season 16 of America's Next Top Model - at 12.15 a.m. When it ended it was close to 1. After I brushed my teeth and all that, it was more or less 1 a.m.

I couldn't wake up this morning. I stayed awake in the morning, somehow; but when the afternoon came around, I found myself falling asleep while reading an interview transcript with a witness in a case. At tennis a few hours later, I was just absolutely beat. Honestly, during the entire period when I wasn't working, I never once felt so exhausted and beat during tennis. I couldn't move properly, couldn't focus, kept thinking about how tired I was, and when I practised the serve, I just couldn't bloody concentrate well enough to do it properly.

It's also been so long since I last played tennis at night that I really had difficulties seeing the ball tonight. My sheer exhaustion and inability to concentrate and keep my eyes on the ball meant that I was a step slower in, well, everything, really: preparation, moving to the ball, hitting it. Slow, slow, slow. UGH.

Lesson learnt: do not sleep at 1 a.m. when I have to wake up at 7 a.m. the next day for a full day's work and then go for training at night.


Dinner with Wei Chuen yesterday was divine. I really love our intellectual conversations; we don't always agree (I'm an extreme leftist with a bleeding heart, while he tends to be more moderate and is compassionate, but not a bleeding heart like me), but we respect each other's viewpoints. It's so good to be able to talk to my boyfriend about important things, and have him understand me, and have the added bonus of him being a non-lawyer. This is one reason I love him the way that I do.

He's also super cute. And he looked damn good in his white Fred Perry shirt. I don't know why he has another white shirt, but it looked good, so I'll take it.

I just really love him. He's wonderful. I really do feel very lucky to have him as my boyfriend; I couldn't ask for anyone better, because no such person exists.


I wanted to talk about work but I'm too tired so forget it.
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