anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Where do these people crawl out from? Do I really share a country with them?

Very very very tired and hungry from tennis, but very very very satisfied and happy with performance at tennis session.

The new Fred Perry pleated skirt that I got was amazing. I hardly ever notice my skirts moving with me, but I definitely noticed this amazing pleated skirt following my every movement on court. YESSSS.

The polo was um, not very dry-fit though. But then again, none of my tennis tops are as dry-fit as their manufacturers claim. Maybe they just can't make sports wear that can survive the damn humidity in this silly country.

Speaking of this silly country, I honestly don't understand why these fucking retarded Singaporeans find it necessary, or are so damn kiasu or whatever the hell they are, to squeeze their fat smelly bodies onto an already crowded train. I don't get it. On Friday I unfortunately took the train going in the wrong direction, and because I forgot my phone and asked my mom to pick me up at a specified time, I didn't have the luxury of waiting for the next train - and this bloody Pasir Ris-bound train was insanely crowded. I was already almost plastered against the door, and yet some stupid girl just HAD to squeeze herself onto the damn train. I spent the journey from Tanjong Pagar to Raffles Place trying not to die at the feeling of her stupid hair against my hand.

Also, goddamn Singaporeans need to learn where the fucking queue starts and how to join a fucking queue. Last I checked, in a civilised society which this country clearly isn't sometimes, you queue up by joining the back of the line that has formed by both sides of the train door. You don't start a new line next to the line that has already formed, in which people have been fucking waiting longer than you. Given Singaporeans' penchant for queueing for retarded things like McDonalds' Hello Kitty toys and fucking 4D, you'd think they would know what to do when they actually have to show consideration to their fellow citizens. But do they? Of course not. This country is full of idiots.

I honestly stand by that statement. It boggles my mind just how culturally-starved this country is. The number of people playing crappy music on the train, at seemingly full blast, is astounding; as is the number of people fiddling with their stupid smart phones, playing some mindless game, as opposed to reading something educational and/or useful or whatever. Yeah, so I'm a snob and I think people who don't read are just intellectually lazy; but that's the truth, isn't it? People who choose to play with their iPhones - not read the New York Times or whatever on their iPhones, but play some stupid game - every single time they could actually choose to read? Yeah, these people are hell stupid. And it annoys me to no ends when I'm on the damn train and some asshole is playing some stupid game on some game console and he doesn't fucking mute the sound, so that the whole damn train can hear the crap "music" from his stupid game, and I'm trying to fucking read John Banville, who already doesn't make sense when I'm reading him in the peace and quiet of my room.

Also, I don't get what has changed at Jurong East with the new platforms and shit. It's still crowded as ever. The damn train still takes 4 minutes to come, after 3 trains from the city has arrived and vomited the people that they carried. This is during rush hour. Really? Fuck you. I'd like to see the transport minister take the damn MRT every day during rush hour and then talk about raising transport fares, or else don't bloody talk at all.

I wake up at 7 a.m. every day to go to work, where I sit at my cubicle trying to understand this market manipulation thing, but the most bloody tiring part of my day is taking the fucking train home at rush hour. Sure, I'm happy that I can leave early enough to complain about it, but shit, it's mentally exhausting, especially given my non-existent tolerance. It takes so much for me to just tell myself to stop getting pissed off by the idiots around me and just let it go, relax, do my own things, ignore the sheer idiocy around me. Sometimes I succeed. On other days, like today, I just fail utterly. Especially when said idiots are all crowding around me and cutting off the already thinning suppy of air-conditioning.

Why do some trains have such shitty air-conditioning? I took the train to work on my first day and swore that it would be the last time I ever took the train to work. I haven't gone back in the morning since. I'd rather spend $5 every day taking the premium bus than to step onto the train in the morning. Hell, I'd rather take a damn taxi every morning to work, incurring rush hour surcharge and fucking ERP, than to take the morning train to work.

Ugh. This pisses me off so much. I shouldn't have started on this; it's killed whatever zen I felt after tennis. Bleah. I'm gonna go sleep.
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