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Tired. :(

I accomplished the amazing feat of not having my usual afternoon post-lunch coffee today as I was slightly worried that I've been drinking too much coffee; ever since I started this 8.30 a.m. job, I've been drinking coffee in the morning. It's actually made my mornings very pleasant; I enjoy walking to the small cafe across the road for my coffee, half-asleep, and exchanging pleasantries with the two aunties and the young guy working there. I've been going to the same coffee joint ever since I discovered it and it's served me well: the coffee is cheaper than the coffee-flavoured water served at Coffee Bean, which was the most convenient place to get ang moh coffee in the morning until I discovered all these eating places at AXA Tower next door. (I like the Huggs establishment, but I cannot help but object to the deliberate misspelling of the word "hugs" and the use of "coffees" on the website, AND in the cafe itself.)

Anyway, my point is that I made myself resist my temptation to try the flat white that I discovered at another cafe that I bought a very yummy egg mayonnaise sandwich from, and now I'm completely exhausted. I think I even suffered some withdrawal symptoms in the afternoon: heavy breathing, almost short of breath, quickening heart rate...oh no.

I don't know, life is just more bearable with coffee in it. I'm not huge on substance abuse, obviously, but if there's one substance that I will abuse over and over, it's coffee. That said, I vehemently disagree with my boyfriend who likens caffeine to nicotine, coffee to cigarettes, and brings it up everytime I start on his occasional smoking. It's totally not the same thing. The most glaring difference is that, even if I accept that I'm killing myself with coffee the same way that smokers kill themselves with cigarettes, a proposition which I definitely do not accept, I'm not harming anyone else. There's no such thing as second-hand caffeine intake. This second-hand smoke issue is honestly my biggest problem with smoking. See, I subscribe to the liberal school of thought that an individual is free to do whatever he chooses as long as it brings no harm to another person (I'm pretty sure this is the gist of John Stuart Mill's philosophy. Obviously it's heavily bastardised - which is why I said it's a gist). The second-hand effect of smoking immediately nullifies the caveat attached to personal freedom. I mean, do you really think I give a shit about some random ah beng or some fucked up law student who chooses to smoke himself to death? As if I care. But it's immediately my problem when I walk past a group of smokers and have to breathe in their crap. But that's my fault for not avoiding them, right? Fine. What about when I'm standing at the bus stop in the morning, innocently waiting for the premium bus, and someone behind me is smoking by the dustbin and the wind is blowing the cigarette smoke in my direction? Why is it incumbent on me to inconvenience myself by moving to another spot?

I'm not harming anyone but myself by drinking coffee. But the second-hand smoke issue is not the reason I don't like it when Wei Chuen smokes; it's simply because it's not good for him. He says the same about my coffee-drinking though. Therefore, I've come to reluctantly be okay with it - as long as it stays social and he doesn't increase the frequency of his smoking. Pretty good compromise, no?


I played tennis with my temporary boss and his friend last night.

All I can say is that my backhand went into hibernation and refused to be woken up.

Utterly. Atrocious. I don't think I hit a single backhand on target. It was like my backhand had forgotten where the sweet spot of the racquet was.

And you just know when your stroke has become a liability when your opponent, whom you've never played with, catches on after a while and starts hitting to your backhand.

I was lucky - all my mis-timed backhands managed to find their way over the net and landed somewhere around the service line. But still. It's time to sort it out, get more consistency on it, get more goddamn topspin. I'm kind of sad that my forehand has become so much stronger and reliable than my backhand.

My temporary boss' friend is kind of competitive. After my temporary boss got tired, it was just me and the friend. Immediately my competitive mode switched on and I refused to stop the game even though I was quite tired. Haha. I'm weird.


Too tired to continue. I'm going to shower and watch a bit of tennis and then sleep.

Speaking of tennis: I love Petra Kvitova. I've liked her even before she won Wimbledon, though I can't remember when I first saw her play. Her strokes are...if it's possible for tennis strokes to be evocative (that is, strokes that don't belong to Roger Federer), then Petra's strokes evoke a sense of freedom and sheer joy. It's so comfortable watching her swing away so freely at the ball, almost fearless, almost as if she hasn't a care in the world, like relaxing on a Grecian beach with your best friend in a June summer. That's how I feel when I watch her hit her forehand.

She's incredibly talented. The downside is that she's incredibly unpredictable. I've seen her play brilliantly - all her shots finding the lines - and atrociously, abysmally. When she's bad, watching her makes me want to do drastic things to myself, like putting my head in an oven, 'cause that would be infinitely less painful. When she's bad, she misses everything. She goes for the big shot and misses and that's the entire match.

But she just beat Caroine Wozniacki in the year-end championships in Istanbul, effectively packing Number One's bag for her, so way to go! I'm gonna watch the match tomorrow morning as I have breakfast to get some inspiration to haul my sluggish body around a tennis court when all it wants to do is to get back to bed.
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