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Looked at my older page. Am astounded to see that I have 20-over entries for February already. Yep, so astounded that I have decided to add on to it...

Immediately after I clicked 'done!' this morning, I received an ICQ message from a boy I met on IRC. Been ages since I last talked to him. I can't believe he's watched, like, 6 movies in 3 did he find the time? There are so many films I'm dying to watch, but can't, because 1) My friends are not interested in the films I'm interested in and 2) Where to find the time? And it's so expensive to watch on weekends. S$8.50 per head. Which is about US$4.25. Something like that.

Anyway. Talked to CT too. She sent me an email with 'princes' in the subject line. The prince from Monaco is a total cutie. I just wanted to mention that.

After so many days of sun and humidity, it has finally rained. It's cold now, and slightly misty, and so absolutely calming. Feeling the coolness of the air tickle my skin all over is one of the greatest feelings I've ever experienced. I want to experience snow, or even hail, nevermind that Claire said it's terrible. Living in a tropical country has its kicks, like we get all the awesome fruits, but it's so humid here that I skip remedial classes in the afternoon because I can't even concentrate. And I need to attend Physics remedial...can you tell that this entry is going nowhere? Well, it is.

Second day of the New Year. Stayed home today. Watched Incubus live on MTV. I've never noticed how intensely gorgeous Brandon Boyd is...the way he closes his eyes when he sings is I missed the first 15 minutes because I had to have lunch. I wonder if they played "Stellar". It's my favourite Incubus song. I was hoping it would be repeated on MTV but apparently I was watching the repeat...too bad then.

This entry is still going nowhere, a lot like its creator and her life, if you ask me. But nobody ever does.

My family are at the supermarket now. I didn't want to go, because shopping for food does not stimulate any interest whatsoever in my already bored self. And it's so cold out that going into a Cold Storage (as the mart is called) is definitely suicidal, so much more than IM-ing The Ex-Best Friend.

Felt a moment of peace. Was immediately disrupted by my family's opening of the front door. They're obviously back. Now I'm surrounded again.

Have you ever wanted to pack everything up, move to the mountains and be one with nature? Or simply one with yourself? Have you ever wanted to be alone and thrive in your own solitary, to listen to nothing but your own thoughts, to feel the calming presence of Rain, to be all by yourself, uninterrupted by outside interferences? I suddenly want to do all that. I don't know why. Nothing majorly emtionally-upsetting has happened to me. Nobody has annoyed me or anything like that. It's just a sudden feeling of wanting, I reckon.

Should just shove it aside, as it's never going to happen.

"Don't let the world bring you down, not everyone here is that fucked-up and cold. Remember why you came and while you're alive, experience the warmth before you grow old." - "The Warmth", Incubus.

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