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A dilemma.


(Okay, it's probably a lost cause, but I can't say I never tried.)

Second, and more importantly, I just found out that Roger Federer is going to play an exhibition match in Kuala Lumpur at the end of the year.

I'm totally jumping up and down right now, and it's not like the tickets are super expensive. I can forgo the RM498 best seats and settle for second-best and pay RM388, which is 100-something Singapore dollars, which I'd totally pay to watch Roger. I mean, my current Grand Plan is to fly all the way to New York next year to watch the US Open - and that's certainly going to cost me a lot more than 100-something Sing. (Have I mentioned I'm a huge spendthrift and have absolutely no concept of money? It's just money - that's my mantra.)

But there's a problem. Of course, right? Things can't just go smoothly for me, ever; there's always a problem. And the problem is, the exhibition match is on November 18, a week before my exams.


I can't even begin to express how badly I want to watch him play in person, even if it's just an exhibition match. Of course I'd prefer an actual competition or tournament, but fuck, I'd seriously just take whatever I can get. KL is so near, it's possible that I don't even need to book accommodation (though I'd definitely prefer to), and the entire affair probably won't even cost me 500 bucks. And it's not like I need to sight-see in KL since I've already been there at least once, and...IT'S KUALA LUMPUR. HELLO, HOW NEAR IS THAT?

On the other hand, I'll be having exams, and not only that, if Roger's really gonna play Nadal...SIGH, SO SIAN. Unlike most people, I'm not interested in the Federer-Nadal rivalry and I'm waiting for Roger to beat Nadal at the French Open which I am SURE will happen sometime before Rog retires (at least within the next four years!). And I don't want to hear Nadal grunting across the court with every shot he takes because it's just unpleasant. And since it's an exhibition match, it probably won't be very long. There are two singles matches and a doubles, which Roger is apparently playing in with Bjorn Borg and I love watching Roger play doubles too because it's so interesting to see him switch up his shots. Like, he can't do his powerful forehand shots as easily in a doubles match, so when he does execute a forehand winner? It's like, omg amazing.

But...ARGH. Why Nadal? Even if it's not Nadal, James Blake?! I'd rather watch Djokovic. And it's an exhibition match; I can't imagine him playing to the best of his ability in an exhibition match.

Maybe I shouldn't go.

But I really, really want to watch Roger play in person. I might never get such a good chance to do so again. I mean, seriously, how realistic is it for me to expect myself to ever see him play in a Grand Slam tournament, right? Wimbledon is definitely out of the question since pupillage apparently clashes with it, New York is fuck-expensive, the Australian Open clashes with school, and so does the French Open, I think. And if I'm gonna spend a few thousand dollars on Roger Federer, I'd not choose to spend it on the French Open since Nadal dominates that Slam. And yeah, I'd skip school to fly to Australia in January, but...I have no money. And I'd rather go to New York and watch him win his sixth.

But what if I don't like him anymore when US Open 2009 rolls around?! I hate to say this but you know, it's a definite possibility since I appear to be quite fickle with my obsessions. I want to capitalise on it while I can - and KL gives me the perfect opportunity. BUT I REALLY DON'T FEEL LIKE WATCHING AN EXHIBITION MATCH. And yet, I REALLY WANT TO WATCH ROGER FEDERER IN PERSON.

It's not about stalking him and getting his autograph or whatever. That'd be nice, but it's icing on the cake, and the cake is the actual watching of the actual tennis. An exhibition match doesn't really go a long way in that respect; Roger played Pete Sampras in some exhibition match in New York last year and I saw a clip on YouTube. Roger served four aces in a row and Sampras just stood there and even got a ball boy to stand in for him. It's purely for entertainment purposes and I want to watch a real tennis match, dammit!

Shit man, I wish I hadn't found out about this. I'm all conflicted! It's not really that worth it,'s Roger Federer. That alone is worth sacrificing two days of study time for, spending 500 bucks on, and sitting through Nadal's grunting for.

Maybe I really should just hold out for US Open 2009.

But I still want to watch Roger in KL.



ETA at 11.15 p.m.:


She's just undecided on what category of tickets to buy. I'd totally save money and buy the RM188 one, but it's so far up that you can't see shit so what's the point? Anyway, RM388 x 2 = S$388. Not a lot what, right? HAHAHAHAH.

I might actually get to see Roger in person. ZOMG. ZOMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Exams be damned. DAMNED! The November 18 week is reading week right? Even if it's not - CLASSES BE DAMNED!)

Cannot even process. CANNOT.

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