January 2nd, 2002

Charah coffee

first day of school

My nightmare has begun, and no, this is not an exaggeration. First day of school, and guess what I found out? Maths test this Friday. Actually, I was informed in advance but I went on to promptly forget about it. It's for people who failed Advanced Maths; I'm in that group. Like that's not enough, Chinese test next week. I was told that this year's gonna be real busy and filled with tests and stuff, but come on! School has barely started! This just isn't right!

I didn't bring any books, except my diary, my poem book, Jim Carroll's "Forced Entries" (which I've finished), and this notebook I use to record school stuff in. It wasn't a problem; no lessons today. We did "class-bonding stuff", which isn't needed, considering we spent two (or was it 3?) days together in a small chalet sometime during November 2001. I think we're bonded enough already, thank you very much.

A lot of changes in the school time. Recess is changed from 10.40 to 11.10 to 10.45 to 11.30. I think I welcome it; if you go really late for recess, the queues get really long. Then again, it shouldn't affect me. I cut queues all the time anyway. And this year, I'm, like, the senior. I'm starting to feel the part too, and I enjoy it very much.

Anyway. I have to go revise my Maths really soon, in fact I should be doing it now, but. I wrote a lot in my diary today, and I'm not bothered to get off my butt and take it out so that I can remember what happened, so um, yeah. I'm not looking forward to the rest of this year, only to November. I still cannot wait til graduation. And the end of 2002 means only one thing: "The Two Towers". I can't wait.

I'm really tired right now. My eyes are beginning to hurt. For some reason the weather decided to suck today; I got off at 2, and the sun was so bright, and the air was so humid, I felt like I was being contained in a sauna or something. I guess the raining season is over. *sigh* There was a few days when Singapore was actually cold. There was this one morning when I woke up and felt an instant chill that did not come from my air-con. How weird is that. I wish I could have that the whole year round.

I need to migrate.