January 22nd, 2002

Charah coffee

blacwynter's a goddess

The most incredible thing just happened. Someone actually wrote a poem for me. God, I never had that, ever, in my life. And it's such a beautiful one too, called Oriental Blooms, written by the wonderfully talented blacwynter. So hey, if you're reading this right now, thank you again! I know I said that a lot in the review, but thank you! Thank you thank you thank you! It just totally put a smile on my face...and everyone needs that once in a while.

I've already decided where I'm going to put it...under the plastic sheet which I'd soon get for my table at school, 'cause I've come to discover that it's where I get irritated, pissed off, bummed, or plain moody the most. A beautiful poem by a beautiful person written for an ordinary one would definitely help.

Once again, bitterscarlet, thank you. I really love it. :) (I've added it to my favourites!)

Gotta have my lunch.

Oh, and I finished Reflections. It's obviously up on the net.