January 26th, 2002

Charah coffee

"but none of my virtues were on your list..."

Should be asleep now...damn, I've been typing a lot today. Or um...yesterday. That led to right now. Yeah. Okay. But yes, my darlings, I felt like doing a list. Or a few lists, I haven't decided. Oh, I'm just so self-obsessed, am I not? *shrugs* So shoot me.

Top Ten Sexiest Male Celebrities/whatever
10. Spike in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
9. Orlando Bloom. I love his look as Legolas.
8. Viggo Morstensen. Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring? Oh, my, god.
7. Tobey Maguire. "Wonder Boys". And extremely squeezable cheeks.
6. Leonardo DiCaprio. No kidding.
5. Daniel Johns, of silverchair.
4. Goran Visnjic, sp. Luka Kovach (sp) in ER? He's the reason I watch the show. I'm not very into medicine, y'see.
3. River Phoenix. Don't care that he's dead.
2. James Dean. Don't care that he's dead.
1. Joaquin Phoenix...sigh. I love those green eyes. They turn me to mush...or more like, he turns me to mush. Sigh.

CDs on my must-buy list
*Radiohead - OK Computer
*R.E.M. - The one with "Losing My Religion"
*The Jim Carroll Band - Any of them
*Fiona Apple - When the pawn hits...
*Tori Amos - Any
*(this is a given, but)silverchair - Diorama
*J. Englishman - Poor Lil' Rockstar, which isn't available in Singapore for some reason.
*Howard Shore - The Fellowship of the Ring
*OST - Clay Pigeons
*Orgy - Vapour Transmission, I think
*Jewel - That album with "Standing Still" on it
et cetera.

Top 5 Annoying Things People Do
5. Cut my queue. Doesn't matter that I like doing it.
4. Call me and expect me to talk on the phone. I hate talking on the phone.
3. Ask me to do things, like take on a post on the class commitee or something. I'm just not that sort.
2. Talk very loudly, scream like kids, and run about making noise. Especially when I'm having a test that's driving me nuts.
1. Ignore me. Especially when it's obvious I don't want to be ignored.

Top 5 things I hate about myself
5. I'm too dominated by my emotions.
4. I'm so fucking stupid, I'm still wondering how I managed to score 126 on this emode IQ test. I think the test was too easy.
3. My writing. I'm sorry, but I can't write. That's a fact.
2. My tendency to fuck things up.
1. My tendency to fuck things up.

Things I love doing
1. Insult myself.
2. Insult myself.
3. Insult myself.
4. Sleep late.
5. Just sleep.
6. Insult other people.
7. Laugh at people who carry umbrellas in drizzles.
8. Cut queues in the canteen, especially if they're Sec. ones or twos. I have put up with 3 years of assholes cutting in front me...it's time I'm doing it. Wait, then again, I've already started last year...
9. Fantasise about Joaquin.
10. Make stupid lists like the ones above.
11. Write, nevermind that I suck at it.

I'm going to bed. I hear all the sighs of relief...assholes! (By the way, the short description is taken from one of Joaquin's lines in "Gladiator". He said it in the patricide scene, when Marcus Aurelius went to inform him that Maximus shall be emperor, and yeah...)

Charah coffee

i babble. a lot.

Woke up at 11 a.m. Had breakfast. Lunch at 12.30 p.m. Tuition at 2. Ended at 4.15. Did some thespark tests. Did 3 questions of my Maths homework. Differentiation. Or Calculus. Whatever. Got them all right.

Pretty good for my declining self-esteem.

My pesky little brother made the school basketball team, did I mention that? Good for him. He told me he's the forward...which basically means he gets to shoot...shows a lot about his team! It must suck, if he's the forward. Ha!

Watched a bit of the NBA today, LA Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs. 94-91! Fuck! The Spurs were *so* close! If Terry Porter or whoever didn't miss that 3-point shoot during the last 6 seconds, the Spurs could've won! And I like a new guy, Tony Parker. He's French! Haha. Steven Spielberg was in the audience, or whatever the word is. This Spurs guy ran into him while diving for the ball. Beside Mr. Spielberg sat this really fucking gorgeous guy, whoever that was.

Yep. From now on when I call somebody I have to add a 6 in front. Example: A's number is 1234567. To call A, I dial: 61234567. Reason: I don't know. Do I care?: No.

I mentioned that only because my brother is muttering about how inconvenient it is. I don't care at all.

I like bubble tea.

Charah coffee

i'm watching you watch over me

My dad went to get the mails, and guess what I got? A picture of silverchair, with a note from their manager (I think) saying, "Thanks for your feedback!" I sent a letter to them last month rambling about how I love "The Greatest View". Hehe. Their fanclub rocks!