February 7th, 2002

Charah coffee

you never stopped needing

I've never stopped wondering how it is that I keep running in circles, and getting so tired, but never collapse. I start from the starting line, and instead of finishing at the finishing line, like normal people, I'm back where I started, and this vicious cycle repeats itself all over again.

So. You know. You just wonder. Why you bother.

But I'm okay. Nothing can ever break me, but myself. *shrugs* I'm my own worst enemy.

Strangely enough I didn't get pissed off in school today. Actually went mad after Maths (which ended at 1.30 p.m.) with YS...she was being all crazy, and I was laughing along with her, as if all the doubts, the hurt, the anger, the friction that I've felt in our friendship recently never happened.

You wonder about facades too...how it is they came about, how long they're going to last, and how long it is before someone sees it slip and see you for who you really are.

I love this facade, though it's too much energy to maintain through the day. - yours truly (well, something like that anyway).

Charah coffee

when he comes along

Forgot to mention this. My male friend, whom I met online and refuses to meet me, e-mailed me today. I haven't e-mailed him back in ages...it's rather surprising, 'cause I'm always the one who takes the initiative to, y'know, start an electronic conversation. He's actually a pretty cool guy. He's studying film, and I'm so jealous. Movies are awesome, and I want to make movies, but I doubt I play well with cameras. Anyhow, he used to call me 'little girl', even though he knows it gets on my nerves. Um, then again, he did it because it got on my nerves. Ha.

And we had like, really meaningful conversations on whether Leonardo DiCaprio is an overrated piece of shit or not. I obviously said he's not...I like Leo. He's talented.

Oops, gotta go. End of entry. I'll continue this another day, if I feel like it.