February 14th, 2002

Charah coffee

you're stellar

So. Valentine's Day. Spent it with my lovely mates in school under the torturing dronings of the teachers. Great day today, didn't spend a single second feeling sorry for myself...not.

But I have finally discovered the most beautiful thing in the world. Brace yourself for the absolute clicheness (I just made up a word) and the corny nature of what I'm about to spring upon my dahling readers, but here it comes: love.

It occured whilst I was taking the MRT home. I stood facing a family of 3. First look at the mom, and I thought, "God, what a flak." Then my eyes discreetly travelled to the dad, and the love he has for his child is so apparent, so clear, so beautiful, that you could see it all over his face. It's in his words, in his smile, in his action, in the way he handled his child. It's so beautiful. I told myself, "This is the beauty in life you've been looking for for so long. Don't ever forget it."

And hell, I ain't ever gonna. Not even when my dad is pissing me off right now. I want to write more, but I'm supposed to bloody get off the computer. I don't know why. I just got home from a full school day. I'm tired. I'm sick of school, work, everything, and I certainly do not need more shit from the paternal figure.

Oh boy. Good mood totally ruined. I should probably delete all the shit I've typed, but I am so not bothered to. I love "Stellar" by Incubus. Brandon Boyd is gorgeous. He's my new victim. Ha, ha.

Short description from "Stellar" by Incubus.

Charah coffee

poem: note to the unfounded love

Choppy waters ruin thy vision
but calm surfaces nip the bud underneath
when it feels your kisses upon its lips
and your love burning
hotly, like forest fires,
against its skin.

When you declare your undying love
the weeping willow comes to life
and embrace you
in its graceful branches
that touch the hearts of many people.

and i wish to be that willow...
to feel you in me,
with me,
becoming one.

Note: Sexual undertone fully intended.