February 16th, 2002

Charah coffee


np: "Creep" by Radiohead in my head.

My brother doesn't know what a "beancurd" is. His English is so bad, sometimes it's amusing. Other times? It's hil-larious. Ha, ha.

Did nothing today. Saturdays are so broing. Mom wanted to go to the Chingay parade, and my reaction was this: "NO!"

On Thursday the school invited this troupe from Beijing to perform. It included a Chinese orchestra, a bunch of models and a bunch of kids. When those bunch of kids came running out like morons, I knew I was in trouble. While the people around me were swooning over how "cute" those kids are, I was going, "Oh my god, do I have to sit through this? Oh my god, look at that kid, she's retarded!" Nope. Don't like kids. They also had the models coming out in the weirdest costumes. I thought they were going to dance or sing or whatever, but all they did was walk out, walk around, pose, walk around, and walk back. It was so retarded. If they were trying to make a point, it was completely lost on me and the rest of my friends.

One good thing that came out of the stupid performance, except the music part. We missed English. Haha! English lessons are dull...as are all the lessons I unfortunately have to sit through.

Watching "Lizzie McGuire" soon. That show is a riot, because it's so silly.

Charah coffee


My left eye feels extremely uncomfortable, like an eyelash is stuck under the eyeball but it's sunk too deep I have no way of getting it out. Quite a scary thought.

Been listening to incubus a lot. Now "Warning" is in my head. I don't like their lyrics, but the songs aren't too bad, and Brandon Boyd is just really hot. I mean, yeah...looks great without a shirt and all. Um, yeah.

Okay, I have nothing to say. Don't even know why I'm bothering with this dumb entry. Life is definitely slow, and the people in it dull (as in dull-dull and stupid-dull, a la Shakespeare). Most of them, anyway. There are exceptions, of course. But still. I can count on one hand the number of new people I've met during the past few years that I communicate with without the aid of the Internet...actually, can't even count that on one hand, as it's zero.

Oh well. Dad is up. Not supposed to be using the computer. I pretended I was reading Stephen King, and he told me to sleep and how he'd be more assured if I dedicated as much time to studying as I do to reading, and that was that. I'm tired. I want to sleep.

And, yeah.