February 23rd, 2002

Charah coffee

a great restaurant experience

(This is a superficial entry. You've been warned.)

Went out to Pasta Fresca for dinner. I thought it was going to be just another meal at a kick-arse restaurant, but god, was I wrong or what! It's nothing majorly earth-shattering, and it's something one could totally expect from me, the insane idiot, and like I said in parenthesis (sp), completely superficial.

It was a guy. A waiter. A gorgeous waiter. A gorgeous waiter who looked like Joaquin Phoenix from the back. From the top...

I was quite miffed that I had to sit outside, intead of in the air-conditioned area. I can't stand being hot for even a second; it's not a spoilt brat thing, okay? So someone directed us (me, mom, brother, grandma; dad hates Italian food, the poor sod ;)) to this table. I sat down, looked around, and saw Him.

I think it's only wise of me that I issue another warning: this entry is completely exaggerated and over-the-top, but they're not done on purpose. All that I'm about to type are actually what I did and thought, etc. It's scary, but it's just me.

Anyway. The Absolutely Gorgeous Joaquin-Lookalike waiter came over and asked if we would like any drinks. Mom ordered two iced lemon tea, one for me and one for Bro. I'm actually very shy, and as much as I was dying to stare at him til I die, I looked anywhere but his direction. I did sneak a peek at his name-tag, but the type is so small that I couldn't read his name. It starts with "G" and ends with "n", and has an "e" somewhere. That was all I got.

So he left after that, and another waiter came and took our orders, things like that, and we were waiting for our food when He came again. He refilled my mom's water. And I was all demure and shy and shit like that, I couldn't even look at him, as it would be all over my face what I was thinking and all that, and we definitely do not want that, as it's way too humuliating. I mean, yeah. He wore this choker thing around his neck. I couldn't be sure how it looked like, but I know it's definitely not a cross. It's shaped like fire...that made a lot of sense, didn't it?

So my spaghetti came. He didn't deliver it though, unfortunately. He did come over again to take away my brother's plate after he was done. I still had a bit of noodles left, so he didn't take my plate. Then I had the greatest idea: I would eat slowly, so that when I'm done, he could take away my plate! What a brilliant idea! I did exactly that. I didn't put down my fork even when all the noodles were gone. There was still no sign of him. He wasn't anywhere near my table. I didn't lose hope; I held on to the fork stubbornly, refusing to put it down until he's nearby.

Alas, it never happened. I got tired to holding the stupid fork, so I put it down. A waiter passed, but he didn't stop to remove my plate. I clung on to Hope still. Then Mom asked me if I wanted a tiramisu. I said yes, even though I was a bit full. Doesn't take a genius to figure out why I said 'yes' to dessert even though I was full, does it? ;)

So Mom asked this waiter for the tiramisu, and guess bloody what? He took away my plate! He wasn't supposed to! Gorgeous Joaquin-Lookalike was supposed to remove it so that I could be my polite self and thank him with a smile, so that he could smile back at me and then I'd totally melt! That was my frigging plan! I've seen him smile, and he looks so much like Joaquin when he does. I wanted to see that smile up close, for chrissakes!

But I didn't give up hope yet. I was thinking, hey, maybe he could bring the tiramisu to me! Never found out if he did. My vain side kicked in, and I got up to the toilet to check my reflection, and to tie my hair. When I came back the cake was already there. Then I noticed my mom's and my grandma's cups were almost completely empty. Hope revived, and it said, "Maybe he'd come over and refill the water..."

He didn't. No one did. I should've guessed; I was having dessert. A clear indication that we were going to leave. Question to self: "Self, if you were a waitress and you see that your customers were having desserts, would you still refill their cups? No! Dumbass."

So I was halfway through the delicious cake when my mom signalled for the bill. I was hopeful again: maybe he'd give us the bill! He didn't. Someone else did. And so it went like that. When I dared to think for the slightest second that, you know, Gorgeous Waiter would come over again, it was completely shattered by the presence of another. Insert deep, disappointed sigh here.

After the bill was paid and everything, we got up to leave. I saw that Gorgeous Waiter was at this table we'd have to pass to get to the car. So I eagerly walked, and this was what I discovered when I walked passed him: He's shorter than me. He was slightly bending over, but he's still shorter than me. I noticed that he wasn't exactly tall, but shorter than me! I'm only 165 centimetres! That's about 5'4", or however inches and stuff are represented.

I still think he's gorgeous. I even thought up the most original pick-up line: "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Joaquin Phoenix? You know, Commodus in 'Gladiator'? He's gorgeous." I don't even bother doing anything though. Me being my shy, idiotic self just sat back and watched from a distance, and so, nothing happened. Not like anything ever would, but, well.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Charah coffee

do you love george w. bush?

I don't really do advertising, but you all have to check out dubyah. It's the funniest shit I've read in ages. I mean, it's dead funny. Funny-til-your-arse-falls-off-the-chair funny. Especially if you think George W. Bush is the biggest idiot ever.

I laughed til I drooled, literally. So read the damn thing! It's funny! How many times do I have to repeat that blasted word?!

Watched ER. Oh my god. I love Luka Kovac. I don't know if that's spelled correctly, but I so would not mind having a man as nice and good as he is as a husband. *sigh* He looks so much like Joaquin...

Anyway. Off to bed.

np: ER theme in my head.