March 1st, 2002

Charah coffee

one hundred on one march

Yay. My 100th entry. I'm overjoyed.

Had a Social Studies test today. It sucked. I took the MRT home, as usual. I sat down on this seat. A while later the man beside me got up. There were two elder women standing by the door. They came over, and the older one sat down. I felt extremely uncomfortable sitting while the other woman was standing, so I got up and offered her my seat. She was like, "No, no, it's okay, we're getting off two stops later, thanks."

Can I just say first that I was surprised she spoke English? I was going to ask her if she wanted to sit in Mandarin, but she beat me to it. Talking, that is. So I sat back down, and immediately felt stupid. Oh well. The thing was, the people around were staring. I find it unnerving when people start to stare. I noticed this guy across who kept looking at me, for no reason known to me then and now, and yeah, I was lucky I got off a few stops after that. I hate it when people stare, but I do that sometimes. Like that waiter...

Speaking of whom, a few nights ago me and my brother were talking. He knows about the waiter. I asked him how, and what he said shocked the livng daylights out of me. I mean it. I just couldn't believe it. Still can't, in fact. It's kind of embarrassing, and god, I had no idea. Brother said he saw me looking at the guy. Oh my god. Seriously. That means my grandma might have noticed. My bloody grandma! What's more embarrassing than that?

Besides, of course, the possibility that he noticed too...

Well, whatever. I still want to go back to the restaurant this Saturday night. But I highly doubt my mom would take me, as like I said, we're pretty short on cash, I think.

Money. I shouldn't have brought it up. It does my head in. Mom gave me 50 bucks for two weeks. It's the first week, and I only have 7 dollars left! God. Where did the bloody money go?!