March 26th, 2002

Charah coffee

the spokes in the head go round and round...

fgfnh<---Brother typed that.

What did I do today? Nothing. Except being seriously pissed off by the Singaporean weather. I was at the bus-stop waiting for the perpetually late bus, and my entire neck was wet. It was disgusting.

I'm over the Academy Awards thing, although I still maintain that "LOTR" rules them all. I read the thingy about the Oscars in the newspaper today, and they mentioned that Elijah Wood wore black. As I did not watch any bits of the ceremony, I'm dying to see Elijah! Yesterday the principal was doing her usual Monday preaching, and she mentioned some guy in the Bible named Elijah, and my friend in front turned around and wen,t "Elijah Wood!"

I love that guy. He's adorable.

There's a seriously gigantic migraine stuck in my head, and the paternal figure did not ease it much by coming in and yelling at me for being online. I watched Buffy this afternoon, so I haven't touched the computer at all until now. He's so seriously anal about stupid stuff that it drives me insane. Sometimes, I really can't wait til I go to New York, but other times, it makes me guilty to have such thoughts, because he is, afterall, my father, and I know he loves me, but god, he pisses me off so much sometimes.

The silverchair mailing list I'm on is seriously retarded. Some girl was off about how she'd like to have Daniel's hair and stupid things like that. I'd unsubscribe, but I'm too lazy to do it. So I guess I shouldn't complain...