April 27th, 2002

happy girl

saturday 8: guilty pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

What are your bad habits? Name them all from the top to the least!

I pick at the skin around my fingers, I space out, I'm lazy, I wait until the last minute to study for tests and the like, and I'm easily distracted.

What is the worst one? The one you're most addicted to.

The one where I pick at the skin around my fingers.

If you know that it is bad (since you can call it "bad"), why you still keep or do it?

It's an unconscious thing. I don't realise I'm doing it until I'm doing it, you know?

Has anyone advised or reminded you to get rid of that bad habit or addiction? If so, how did you react?

I suppose my mom mentioned something about it. I don't really remember. I just said, "Yeah, okay" and went to my room. (That's what I always do.)

Will you sacrifice your most pleasurable bad habit and addiction if you have to for your loved one/s?

Um, yeah. Sure.

Do you keep that bad habit secretly or you don't mind to let everyone knows about it?

When the skin is like hanging off the thumb or whatever, I don't like people knowing about it because it's just really gross.

Are you doing that bad thing as you answered these questions?

Yes. There is a piece of skin on my third finger that is about to come off...

How and when did you start it? How and when you think you will quit from it?

I don't know to both questions. Probably would never stop doing it. It doesn't really matter.

Submitted to Saturday 8.
happy girl

point of information

What I have done so far:

1) Woke up at 10 a.m.

2) Had breakfast.

3) Came online for 2 hours.

4) Had lunch.

5) Meant to study but fell asleep.

6) Woke up at 2.52 p.m. to get ready for tuition.

7) Had tuition from 3-5.

8) Read the entertainment section of the newspaper.

9) Talked to Gen on the phone for a few minutes.

10) Ate a packet of potato chips while reading "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul vol. 3" because I had nothing better to read.

11) Got pissed off by my CD player because it refused to play "Diorama" and I really want to listen to it.

12) Had dinner.

13) Laughed at "Power Rangers".

14) Yelled at my brother.

15) Came online again.

After this, I am going to:

1) Take a shower

2) Start revision for Chinese, the subject for which I am taking a mock exam next Saturday

3) Watch "ER"

4) Wait for the phone to ring at 11

5) Talk to Gen

6) Sleep with him on my mind

7) Dream about him

What really sucks:

1) The fact that I won't see Gen at all next week.

2) Multiply that by 12 to the tenth power.


Monday - Geography test after school

Tuesday - Fucking fitness test (i.e. a waste of my precious time)

Wednesday - Maths remedial, unless I pass the test

Thursday - ECA

Friday - Revision for mock exam on Saturday

So, I hope I passed my Maths test.