May 2nd, 2002

kiri win

torrential rain

Been raining since 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I think the weather is fantastic.

During recess today in the canteen some Sec. 1 who sat on the other end of the table my friends and I were sitting at spilled her cup of Coke. The liquid flowed in a steady stream towards us, and stopped just as it was about to flow over the table to the floor. I had just finished my food, and I was bored. I can't quite remember how it happened. Perhaps Yunnie sent the liquid dripping onto the floor by blowing at it, or maybe I was the one who did it by pushing at it with my chopstick. Whatever it was, the liquid soon started to drip, drip, drip, and it formed a long puddle on the floor.

I was very amused by it, and highly fascinated. I sat there waiting for some poor sod to step on the Coke. Yunnie and I would burst out laughing when someone came remotely close, or when someone noticed the thing and stopped in their tracks. I suppose the puddle was pretty obvious as no one stepped on it until this stupid Sec. 1/Sec. 2 monitor walked right into it.

Okay, she didn't really, but her shoe touched the liquid and she left brown patches on the floor as she walked away. As soon as I saw that I started to laugh hysterically again.

Yunnie thought I was crazy. I think I am too.

I mean, I was amused by a puddle of Coke on the floor. If that is not crazy, I don't know what is.