May 3rd, 2002

kiri win

more useless facts

I should be studying for my Chinese prelim exam which is tomorrow. I really should be doing that.

I took this from Afrai.

1) Starting time: 16.52

2) Your Name: Is nowehere as cool as mine.

3) Nicknames: Yelen, Yel, etc.

4) School: Sucks.

5) E-mail:

6) Eyes: dark brown

7) Height: 165 cm.

8)Pets: Fish

10) Been so drunk you blacked out? nope.

11)Taken any illegal substances? nope.

12)Gone out in public in your pajamas? nope.

13)Missed school because it was raining? No. That is just dumb.

14)Set any body part on fire for amusement? I have never got that bored before.

15)Kept a secret from everyone? Duh.

16)Written a hate letter to one of your friends out of anger? Yes, but I never gave it.

17)Wanted to hook up with a friend? Um, no.

18)Cried during a Flick? Who hasn't?

19)Had a crush on a teacher? No. Please.

20)Have you ever thought an animated character was hot? Yes. You know that Street Fighter guy, Ryu or something? He's really cute.

21)Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: Uh, no.

22)Planned your week based on the TV Guide: Nope.

23)Prank called someone: Sure.

24)Been on stage: Yes.


25)Shampoo: That one.

26)Soap: That other one.

27)Colors? Blue.

28)day/night? night.

31)Lace or satin? Neither.

32)Cartoon Character? Um.

33) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Kind of.

34) Like anyone? Yes. :)

35) Who have you known the longest of your friends? Yunnie.

36) Who's the loudest? The Athlete.

37) Who's the shyest? I don't know. Used to be me. But something happened.

38) Who do you go to for advice? Claire.

39) Who do you get the most FWDS from? Um, I guess the survey lists I'm on.

40) Who do you cry with? Me?

------------IN THE LAST 2 Weeks ------------

41) Cried? Yes.

42) Cut your hair? No.

43) Worn a skirt? My uniform.

44) Been mean? Duh.

45) Been sarcastic? Duh.

46) Met someone new? Nope, that was 3 weeks ago.

47) Talked to someone you have a crush on? DUH!

48) Missed someone? Yes.

49) Hugged someone? yeah.

50) Fought with your parents? No. Miraculously.

51) Wished upon a star? I can't see stars where I am.

52) Laughed until you cried? no.

53) Played Truth or dare? no.

55) Went to the beach at night? no.

56) Spent quality time alone? Like, story of my life...

57) Read a book? Yes, some stupid book.

58) Ate a meal? Um, yeah.

59) Are you lonely? Not anymore.

60) Are you happy? Happier than before.

-----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN --------

62) God/Devil? No.

63) Love? yes.

64) The Closet Monster? Never heard of this until I met people (online) from like, the USA and places like that.

65) The Big Bang Theory? Um, what?

66) Heaven/Hell? No.

67) Superstitions? No, I don't believe in superstitions. They seem silly to me. Especially the Chinese ones. Pearl told me something about some ghostly possession or whatever if a person wears his/her hair covering his/her forehead. I can't remember the details, but I was like, *left eyebrow arched* "Okay."

----------AND NOW GENERAL STUFF---------

68) What is your full name? Aha.

69) Who named you? my mom and dad.

70)Backstreet Boys or N Sync? Backstreet Boys.

71) When was the last time you showered? Last night.

72) What color pants do you have on right now? I'm wearing my school's P.E. shorts.

73) What song are you listening to right now? Nothing.

74) What was the last thing that you said online? "Nothing."

75) What is right next to you? A green chair.

76) What is your computer desk made of? Um. Wood.

77) What are the last 4 digits in your phone number? 4327

78) What was the last thing that you ate? Instant noodles for lunch.

79) How many buddies do you have on your Instant Messenger list? A lot. I don't know who the hell half of them are.

80) How's the weather right now? It rained just a while ago.

81) Have you ever smoked pot? no.

82) When you kiss, do you prefer eyes closed or open? Closed, of course. Duh.

83) What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? Tadatadatada.

84) How are you today? Lazy, as usual.

85) How do you eat an Oreo? I don't.

86) Who makes you happy? Gen, whom I miss terribly. I will rant about our unfortunate phone call which did not happen after I'm done with this shit, and how we don't really have a lot of time together and all that. It's gonna be so pretty.

87)Fave CD? Right now, Jay Chou's first album. Strange, considering I never listened to Chinese songs.

88) Dream car? One that drives.

89) Have you ever won any special awards? No.

90) What do you want to be when you grow up? Professional writer.

91) Do want get married/ have kids when you're older? Uh.

92) My fave music? alternative.

93)Favorite movies? Quills, Rebel Without A Cause, The Lord of the Rings.

95)Fave guys cologne?: I don't know. I don't care. Gen smells nice.

96)Do you like to dance?: I wouldn't know.

97) Fast or slow? Slow. :)

98) Are you too shy to ask someone out? Nope.

99) Fave name brand? Um. I suppose Esprit.

101) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? They make my nose itch and it drives me insane.

102) Have you ever been in love? No.

103) If you could add question to this quiz what would it be? Why are people so stupid?

104) What will your first son's name be: Um.

105) First daughter? Shut up about kids already, for fuck's sake.

106)Favorite drink?: Water.

108) On the phone or in person? In person!

109) Lust or Love? love.

110) If you could change something about yourself? Jesus, whoever made this survey cannot count. I looked down and was appalled to see that 110 preceded 113. Whatever. Um, what were you saying? Oh, um, I would um, be more hardworking.

113) End time: 17.08.

kiri win

is it okay if i leave this blank?

I called Gen twice last night before I slept, and both times he did not answer. I assumed he was still working or something, and my only consolation was that my number would appear on his 'missed calls' list and he'd know I tried to call him. I'm thinking that we don't really have a lot of time together. I don't have much time for him, in all honesty. Chinese teacher (who got engaged) dropped a bomb on the class and told us we'd be having extra Chinese classes after school EVERYDAY! For an hour, but still! Can't see Gen during the weekends either. I haven't seen him in 7 days, and I miss him terribly, and I don't know why, but that's just the way it is so well, what the hell. Am I supposed to understand every emotion I feel? That is not even humanly possible, and I am very much aware I'm going off on a tangent again and this does not make much sense, neither does it have much of a point, but just bear with me, my fingers would get tired after a while, or the retardedness of my computer would piss me off soon and I will stop typing.</p>

So. What was I saying? Okay, forget that, next topic. Went to the school's dental nurse today during assembly with Yunnie, Pearl, The Quiet One and The Class Maid. Under normal circumstances, you couldn't pay me to visit the dental nurse, but since it was during assembly, I went. The last time I was there was in 1999, and damn, the place has changed a lot. The most glaring aspect was a pair of shades that every girl on the [insert proper termilogy, sp] chair wore. Apparently its purpose is to protect one's eyes from the bright lights.

Let me tell you, it's hil-fucking-larious. Seriously. When The Class Maid was having her teeth checked (and filled), Yunnie, Pearl and I were laughing our butts off at how strange she looked in the pair of "shades". I have been laughing a lot lately for no reason, and the whole time at the dentist was just a major laugh-fest. Laughed at Pearl, laughed at Yunnie, and the two of them laughed at me, and when I heard Pearl laughing, I wanted to laugh, which was not a good thing, considering the nurse was poking around my gums with the "sharp sharp thing".

I am supposed to floss as my gums are, apparently, disgusting. Oh, my god. The thought of flossing makes me break out in sweat. I am so scared that I would cut my gum and it would bleed endless stream(s) of red. It's such a scary thought that I cannot bear it, so I will not talk about this anymore.

In fact, I will not talk about anything else anymore.