November 19th, 2004

kiri win

blah blah.

Paper 8 was surprisingly doable and I really loved the prose passage that they gave, from "Jasmine Nights" by a Thai writer whose name I have forgotten.

Wait, I'm doing a Google on the novel now, just to make sure I didn't completely go off the point, because if I did then I am completely and thoroughly screwed because it was 7 pages long and I spent two hours on it and only an hour on the comparative question between Emily Dickinson's "And the wind rocked the grass" or whatever and Ted Hughes's "Wind", and uh, yeah, what I wanted to say was that the writer's name is S. P. Somtow.

Okay, what I'm reading now is rather scary as the book is supposedly humourous but I didn't see any humour in the extract I got today. Or at least, I didn't think it was humourous. I just thought that it was brilliantly written and that the writer's juxtapositions of certain things were really apt and spot-on and I had a lot of fun analysing the hell out of nothing so yeah.

The comparison question was...shitty. It was so simple that I had nothing to say except for the poets' style and stuff like that. It's amazing that I managed to write four and a half pages, considering how little I thought of saying and the sparse points of comparison that I actually came up with. I mean, how much can you say about a thunderstorm, right?

The single analysis poem they gave was by some writer who lived ten million years ago. The very instant I saw the year of his birth, which was 1600-something, I flipped to the last page and read the prose. And the poem was long. I would've died doing that.

I don't think I feel like writing anymore so this shall be it.