January 28th, 2006

happy girl

joy and happiness, this day is almost over!

I completed my research memo a couple of minutes ago and submitted it a few seconds ago. You know what the amazing thing is? I wasn't the last person to submit! In fact, I was the second-last! I thought everyone would've submitted it by now; I thought I was the only person unlucky enough to be stuck at home on the eve of Chinese New Year desperately trying to crank out a wholly unresearched research memorandum.

It's pretty amazing what desperation can do to a person. I'm quite sure that I missed out on the important issues and chose to focus on the non-existent ones, because it was just too easy to bullshit and it's not supposed to be so easy. I got a little panicky after typing two pages' worth of crap when I realised the difference between a 'dismissal' and a 'termination of employment' but I was too short of time to properly think it through and so I stuck with the issues I originally came up with.

And then there's this other maxim of "if you think you did something completely right, then everything is completely wrong". I actually was under the impression, before the realisation stated above, that my memo was quite kick-ass for a last-minute piece of work - which means it sucks a lot more than I think it does.

Also, I found out, an hour before the deadline, that the relevant section of the Employment Act had been amended. Since the amendments are not available online (if they are I'm certainly unaware) and since I didn't go to the library at all, I just pretended not to notice.

All in all, it's pretty bad. I hope I can get a C. If I fail this I will just cry. Really, I will. Because the icky part of this assignment is the whole research thing. The actual writing of the memo wasn't that bad; in fact, I found it pretty enjoyable.

When I make such statements, it's pretty clear that the Apocalypse is about to knock on our doors.

Well, who am I to bitch about research when I didn't do any? Let me clarify then: it's the thought of research and the expectation of you to research that sucked and will continue to suck. There, that's more like it.

Anyway, I discovered, to my immense pleasure, that Discovery Travel and Living is showing Season 1 of Project Runway! The first episode is on tonight at 11. I'm going to finish this off really quickly then proceed to drool over Daniel Franco and see for myself what it was about his behaviour that had everyone hating him. I saw his design though; it was um, interesting. He posted the pic of the trashbag outfit on his MySpace for a while, then deleted it.

I check his MySpace a few times a day. I am crazy.

So the SATs. I'm not supposed to discuss the questions online which sucks because I really want to bitch about the essay which I had nothing to write on and which I could not finish but oh well, I'll just wait until the scores are released to do that. Suffice to say, though, that my Math TOTALLY SUCKED because I left out too many freaking questions because I didn't have enough time to complete them and that I am so going to get a 700 and below for it and that I developed a damn headache halfway through the paper and that the stupid tables at St. Francis Methodists' had this huge metal drawer thing which made it impossible to cross my legs and that my neck hurt a lot and that the writing section (save for the essay) was really easy and that the critical reading was easier than I was expecting.

The stupid thing was, I was so full of myself that I jumped to too-quick conclusions while doing my last Writing section, such that I made two very stupid mistakes because I misread the choices and thought they said what they did not say. It was a good thing that I finished that section in 5 minutes and had 5 minutes left over to check; otherwise, that would've been two unnecessary mistakes.

Okay, so even if, by some stroke of miracle, I did well on today's SAT, there's still no way in hell I'd ever get into the university to which I applied. Really, taking the SATs was quite unnecessary; whether my application is complete or not, the end result would still be a rejection.

Still, for whatever it's worth, it was fun all the same. The Math, especially. It's amazing, the kind of shit a person remembers, even if that person doesn't need and hasn't been using the said shit in the longest time. And a lot of the critical reading passages told me many things I didn't already know, like um, that planet or something, Andromeda? And how you'd be looking at the Earth as it was a thousand years ago if you were looking at it from that planet. How interesting! And one of today's passages was SUPER cool and intriguing, but since I can't talk about the test questions, I shall save that for February if I can still remember to talk about it.

Woohoo, one minute to Daniel Franco heaven!

I still love Veronica Mars very much. Needless to say.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I will certainly be happily collecting hongbaos.

Oh, and I won a scholarship.

A minor one though, one that's given out by the Kinmen Association/Clan/whatever (Jin Men Hui Guan). The money ain't a lot but hey, it's still money and everyone can do with some extra cash.

Project Runway, here I come! (Am pissed that the torrent for the new episode is still not up yet though, and it's been [insert number of days] since Wednesday!)