March 19th, 2006

happy girl

bad entry.

I'm $800 richer today! Yayness. My folks and I spent about three hours at some meeting (I think it was an annual general meeting) at the Kinmen Clan Association or whatever it's called. We only went because of my eight hundred bucks. I didn't think that it would be so long! They spent time talking about I don't even know what, something about finances and such, and my grandfather's acquaintance spoke in Hokkien so I couldn't catch anything and just tuned out, and then that old dude started crying and later on when I asked my folks why he was upset they said that it was because of the gradual lack of interest in keeping this clan thing alive, and I felt really bad for him and the whole thing was one of the weirdest experiences ever.

Then I was asked to stay behind (along with other students there to take money) and tally the votes for some election. That took about ten trillion years. I was supposed to call out the numbers of those who received votes and two other kids were supposed to tally. My mathematical dyslexia kicked in and I ended up saying things like '147' when it was supposed to be '417'. Good thing I realised what I was doing the first time I did it and so hopefully there weren't any errors.

So yeah 800 dollars! Wahoo!

Also, went to bloody Novena Square after that 'cause my dad wanted to walk around and they didn't want to go to Orchard (neither did I; going on a weekend is shitty).


I wanted the dual-disc DVD but Sembawang didn't have it. I want it so badly!

The bad thing about the CD is that the last song can't play properly. I don't know if it's my CD player or the CD but anyway, 'Jackson' keeps skipping and that annoys me because it's a very nice duet Johnny and June did at the end when he proposed to her. That was so sweet. "Time's A-wastin" (however it's spelled) isn't on the CD though, sadly. It's a nice song.

And yeah, I realised that most of Johnny Cash's songs on the CD have very similar openings. But who cares! I get to hear Joaq sing whenever I feel like it now.

The funny thing is, I dreamt that Joaq had some concert last night and today I bought his soundtrack. Hahahaha.

This entry really sucks. It's incoherent and badly-written. I'm just typing randomly right now.

I didn't do any work today and I don't intend to do any work and I'm treating Saturday's moots as one of those not real things and my Veronica Mars downloaded so there's VM to watch tonight! Wonderful.

I need to print out my memorial. I don't even know if I have LAWR tomorrow.

Oh and I'm time-keeper for Rui and Mag's moots, which means I get to see the Old Supreme Court! (Have I mentioned this? I can't remember.) The downside is that it's at 8 a.m., but the upside is that it's at 8 a.m. which means it'd probably end latest by like 9.30 a.m. and Rui wants to skip Legal Theory an go shopping/watch movie! Hahahaha. So exciting.

I bought watermelon lip balm from the Body Shop. I love the Body Shop.

Speaking of which, L'Oreal just acquired the Body Shop and I think that freaking sucks. Hopefully it'll still remain the same.

Time to nip this bad entry in the bud before it gets any worse.