May 9th, 2006

kiri win

a pointless update and layout commentary.

This should've been posted yesterday:

Monday May 8, 2006 11.46 p.m.

Contrary to what people may think, I'm not attacking anyone with this current blackgreywhite look. The sentiment regarding friendship in this entry still rings true to me and the pictures you see on the left are the most convenient ways of representing the lyrics of the song and the whole 'we used to be friends' thing. I was thinking of using a screencap from Episode 1x04 of Veronica Mars (a picture of Veronica, Duncan, Lilly and Logan laughing together on prom night) but it didn't ring true to me and so I ditched it and scanned that Neoprint and there you go.

I spent, like, two million years on this layout.

Okay, so I spent two days on it, but it feels like two million years because I usually take two hours to complete one. It was fun though. The PS brushes are funky.

I was also pretty sick of the previous pink.

Anyway, I promise (myself) that the next layout would be a lot more positive and uplifting.


Sigh. Mel's going to Thailand tomorrow and won't be back until 9 days later. My life is officially over.


I've been dreaming of someone a lot and I dreamt of that person again.

Ugh. Stop it, Brain. You're killing me.

And the stupidest thing? I don't even know that person. I mean, I know who that person is and I know that person's name but I don't know him 'cause I've never spoken a single word to him before in my life and I don't intend to. Just when I think I'm out, those dreams pull me back in.

I need a friend with benefits.

A hot friend with benefits.

Who speaks proper English.

And doesn't smoke.


Driving awaits me. I will get my license before August arrives.

Okay, I will try.

But I doubt I will. Reading criminal negligence cases has made me apprehensive about the possibility of having my name as the name of the case. Public Prosecutor v. Yelen for negligent driving resulting in the death of three pedestrians.

Oh my god how scary is that? Maybe I shouldn't drive. I can't even bike without feeling super scared when there are people coming towards me or in front of me (and I deal with the fear by screaming really loud - ask Ruishan). How am I supposed to handle a fucking car, which is potentially lethal?

But god, how shitty would it be to have to take the bus FOREVER? The mere thought incites a feral rage in me that will NOT be curbed.

I have to post this before I lose internet connection. Watching ANTM and Gilmore later on. Wahoo.

kiri win

very, very bored

I am so bored that I haven't the words to describe the extent of my boredom.

I went for a swim and got out of the pool 15 minutes later when it started to thunder.

I don't care that 'thunder' is not traditionally a verb.

My shoulders hurt and my back hurts and my right leg hurts and my arms hurt.

The water in the pool downstairs tasted salty and disgusting.

There's a lot of water in my ears.

I don't even feel like writing an entry but my boredom compelled me otherwise.

What the hell. I need something to do and I do have things to do but I'm too lazy for any of it. Argh.

I bought a skirt a few weeks ago from a boutique I hardly go into (Series) and I washed it yesterday and the colour bled like crazy. This is the precise reason why I mostly buy clothes from stores that are tried and tested to me (Esprit, Zara, Mango), even if they may not be the cheapest stores around. The skirt that bled like mad actually cost 40-something dollars and I wouldn't have bought it but for the sales lady who was very nice and told me I had nice eyes.

Damn. I shouldn't be so susceptible to flattery, but to be honest, that's my major point of weakness.

But when guys try to exploit it I usually end up laughing - and not in a pleasant way either.

I'm going to be in Taiwan on the day the results are released. I'd have my laptop with me but I highly doubt I can get Internet access in the apartment so hum. The only thing I want to know is whether or not I failed Contract; other than that, I don't care too much how I did for the exams because nothing short of an A can surprise me and since I won't get any A's...well, yeah.

I hate Sookie and Jackson for making the penultimate episode of Gilmore Girls absolute torture. They're so fucking retarded I can't imagine how the writers thought they'd be comic relief. Michel, on the other hand, has made me laugh for a very long time and continues to make me laugh. As for the main plots...I am SICK of the Lorelai/Luke thing and I think Luke sucks and I almost - ALMOST - had tears rolling down my face when Lorelai was all sad and teary in the real estate office. Poor thing.

Veronica Mars finale tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT.