May 26th, 2006

kiri win

wi-fi rules the world.

Oh my god my grandparents' neighbour with wireless network rocks!</p>

Of course I have no idea who I'm leeching off but who cares. Bwahaha.

Just checking in to say that today is the first time in literally years that I spoke so much Mandarin. I hit ̨���� and ���Ŷ� with my cousin (dad had to check out some machine in some factory) who's totally cool, and we walked for five hours non-stop. It was much crazier than shopping for a couple of hours at Orchard. And the catch? I hardly bought anything, save for Voltaire's Candide, three pairs of socks (S$2.50!) and a polo t-shirt. But it was fun fun fun nevertheless.

I changed into a racer-back top before I left (because it's FUCKING HOT) and my grandparents were all, Take a jacket! Wear a jacket! It'd be cold! Haha. Craziness.

Taipei guys are suuuuper cute. Bwahaha.

I'm all hot and sticky from spending the day outside. I swear, the weather really really REALLY sucks. It's even hotter here than in Singapore. And after seeing the kinds of stuff available here, not to mention its wide range, I so do not want to go back to Singapore ever again!

The only downside is that the apartment I'm staying in is um, kinda dirty. The toilet is really scary. The showering area and the peeing area are not separated by, say, a bath tub, or some glass...door thingy. The floor is always wet too. I've peed here a grand total of 2 times. Amazing.

Going to the art museum tomorrow! I don't want to go shopping tomorrow because it's Saturday and hence crowded. Law people at home, have fun getting exam results! Haha.

I need to shower. I'm disgusting.

requirs Chinese simplified encoding