November 3rd, 2006

kiri win

i should care, i think. but i don't.

Putting "Dakota" on repeat again. I STILL FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG.

I got a C for my Company test. I should be alarmed, but I'm actually rather ecstatic that I didn't fail, as I thought I would. I don't have the right to expect a better grade, or to get a better grade; I know the amount of effort I put into it (close to zero) and so I'm fine with the C.

It's a serious case of whatever. The corporate world is so not for me.

I didn't do my Property tutorial - at all. I didn't even finish reading the caveats chapter. I honestly intended to attempt to finish reading it at around 12 a.m. ('cause prior to that I was writing and bitching and doing really stupid things and I wanted to make up for that), but someone was too lazy to SMS and I didn't have Internet connection so I couldn't check my email, and so I was on the phone with him for like, two hours, after which I was too slammed to try making sense of the rest of the chapter and so I went to bed.

And the phone call probably would've gone on for even longer if his cell didn't die on him.

This only goes to show that having a handphone is absolutely detrimental to one's bona fide attempts at trying to abort one's perpetual academic suicide. Sigh.

Oh well, it was a nice conversation, yeah. And I have to go for driving so I'll stop here.

C for Company! Hahahaha. You know, I don't even feel like studying for the exam anymore 'cause I'm gonna get a C either way so why bother right? But I'm just saying. I hope.