November 7th, 2006

kiri win

no guesses why.

I am currently very irritated and I have no right to be irritated and I don't know why I'm irritated but I'm simply irritated, period. </p>

This feels too much like last year. I need a lobotomy.

It's one of those things that completely piss you off and make you all snippy, for no reason whatsoever. You don't even have a good reason; you have absolutely no reason. Maybe it comes with being a girl, or maybe it's just my screwed up programming, but all the same, I'm really, really annoyed. And the worst part is, I don't even know why I'm feeling this way.

I think it's time to start avoiding certain people.


1.24 p.m.:

In school. I've been in school since 10.30 a.m. even though I have a grand total of one class today and it's at 2. Company tutorial. I didn't do my tutorial last night and so I thought I'd come to school early to do it. Needless to even mention, nothing significant has been accomplished.

I'm still irritated. In fact, I think I'm now officially pissed off. Why am I pissed off? Hmm, I don't know, where do you want me to begin?

Screw this. This is absolutely fucking retarded.

Two more days. After that, I'm done.