January 29th, 2007

happy girl

oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Heard something simultaneously interesting and disturbing today. Well. I suppose it's my good fortune that I've never cared, nor will I ever care, what people think about me. And I'm also of the opinion that people who are concerned with others' opinion of them should just get the fuck over themselves and get a life.

People who talk about other people and spread things about others should also get the fuck over themselves and get a life.

Hate law school at times like these, for entirely different reasons than the ones I usually whine about.


On a different note, despite the stuff that I heard, 'twas a pretty good day today. Mag and I walked to Da Paolo for dessert and a while later Rui, Kel and YH joined us. We had this yummy chocolate cake (oh my god my ballooning tummy), a blueberry cheesecake, and ice-cream from Awfully Chocolate (oh my god my ballooning tummy, have I mentioned already?).

The true highlight though? This super drop-dead gorgeous waiter that was working there. Like, oh my god he was soooo hot. He had that whole Italian look going on and he spoke nice English and he was tall and had a nice slim figure. Haha. Mag didn't think he was cute at all but Rui shared my sentiment and this hilarious conversation ensued between us after Rui bought a sparkly fruit thingy and he touched her hand while giving her the change. Rui was all, "Oh he touched my hand!", bimbo impersonation (then again, sometimes I have doubts that she's impersonating) in full force.

I was all, "Oh my god, I'm like so totally jealous! I hate you!"

Mag just sat there, looking disgusted. HAHA. I made a pretty irrelevant comment about how I totally wouldn't mind making out with the hot waiter right there and then and some other irrelevant things ensued, propelled mostly by Rui and Mag (who's surprised?), the contents of which I shan't divulge.

I was kidding the whole time, of course. But I'm not kidding about his hotness because he's hotttt.

But the whole hot waiter thing? Been there, done that. Let's move on from 2002, okay?

My VM is only at 58.9%. I can't fucking believe this.

School was uneventful.