February 14th, 2007

kiri win

i'm really no good at naming my entries.

I tried on some sale items at Marks and Spencer and I've been sneezing practically non-stop ever since. Bloody freaking hell. It's no secret that sale items are generally dusty and dirty; Mango's sale events are prime examples of that rule. But I've never once been hit so badly with a sneezing/running nose fit from trying on clothes as I did today. I'm so annoyed.

The shopping was uh, average. Yeah. I find that I tend to lug home a lot more loot if I'm shopping by myself as opposed to with friends, with Mother, with...I don't shop with anyone else. My mom dropped me off at Vivo; she had to go for a meeting at PSA. Vivo still pisses me off 'cause I don't know my way around and I get confused way too easily and it sounds like Jurong Point and it's ugly and it's crass and heartlanderish and I hate it.

I bought a denim three-quarters and a tank top from my Favourite Store of All Time. No points for guessing correctly.

In other news, I've been eating chocolate-based desserts for the past three days. Monday: Two Mrs Fields brownies, one double fudge and one triple fudge. Tuesday: Mudpie from the Coffee Bean (which was good probably only because I was hungry). Today: Warm chocolate cake from Bakerzin (fuck your lousy spelling) topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Not only that, I came home and stole four McDonalds' french fries from my brother.

OH. MY. GOD. I felt so damn fat that I went for a swim and now I'm all tired and my head hurts and I'm in no physical condition to do my Trusts tutorial.

I woke up at 9.15 a.m., ostensibly to finish up the LCS quiz real quick and follow my mom's car out to town, but she didn't want to wait for me and so she left without me. What the hell. If I'd known, there's no way in hell I would've woken up at 9.15 for the damn quiz. The AG statutes site also refused to load a couple of statutes I was desperately searching for for some answers which annoyed me to no ends, but I was really sleepy so the annoyance wasn't in full force. Managed to finish the quiz three minutes before my thirty was up, and spent the rest of the morning watching Harold and Kumar, until my mom came home with lunch a little past 12, after which we went shopping.

Harold and Kumar is sooooo funny. And I think John Cho is damn cute! Kal Penn is damn cute too. They're both hot!

I would write a paragraph or two ruminating about/over/I don't know the right word the whole Valentine's Day thing, except I genuinely don't give a fuck in the slightest bit, so I won't. And it's not because I don't have a boyfriend anymore. I mean, even at my smoochiest, I couldn't honestly envision myself buying into the whole commercialised Valentine's Day bullshit, so whatever.

I'm hungry and there's food on the dining table. Wahoo. Life is good.