February 19th, 2007

kiri win

chinese new year day 2.

Day Two of Chinese New Year pretty much consists of me sitting around at home, alternating between trying to pull myself away from the engrossing and highly readable nature of Julian Barnes' Booker Prize shortlisted Arthur and George, and trying to push myself to focus on the non-engrossing and highly un-readable nature of the Wee report. In between I went to Cold Storage with my dad to pick up some drinks for the relatives who are coming over for dinner in a couple of hours' time.

I was so tempted to buy some Pepperidge Farm dark chocolate brownie but I thought of how fattening it is and eventually my vanity solved the conflict for me. I whined to my dad about it, like, "I want to eat the cookies! But it's fattening! But I want to eat them!" He was quite irritated. Haha.

(In Chinese, or rather pinyin because for some reason whenever I try to input Chinese characters they don't show up anymore:

Me: Wo yao chi qiao ke li bing gan!
Dad: Na ni jiu qu mai lah.
Me: Ke shi wo pa fei! Ze me ban?
Dad: Na jiu bu yao chi lah.
Me: Ke shi wo xiang chi!
Dad: Xiang chi jiu mai lah.
Me: Ke shi wo pa fei!

At this point, my dad couldn't be bothered with me anymore and just walked away and left me pouting by myself.)

Arthur and George is so damn good. I stopped reading it for a while and started on Before She Met Me 'cause the former is a hardcover and thus a bitch to bring around, but since it's mid-sem break, what the hell. I don't really get the significance of JB alternating between the past and present tense for the two characters though. I wish I had someone smart, super literary and highly intellectual to discuss this with me.

This entry sucks, but what else is new. I should get back to Public Law.