March 17th, 2007

kiri win

friday pictures.

Friday after Public Law. We were given the misinformation by one Pet W that it was the Western food stall's last day in operation. I was all, OH SHIT! WE SO TOTALLY HAVE TO EAT IN SCHOOL TODAY! And Mag was all, YEAH! And Jean wanted to eat with us and Rui wanted to eat too so we all ate in school which was a really good thing 'cause it helped me save some money. It turned out that Western's closing only next week, but all the same, fun was had and photos were taken on Rui's super cool SLR so all was good.

I really like this picture of Rui.

Not as unglam as camel face, but still unglam anyway. And hilarious. I love this picture; it's a complete embodiment of my inner self. Oh, yeah.