August 23rd, 2007

happy girl

today and so on.


(I do entries like this one when I'm tired or lazy, or both. Usually it's the latter, but today it's both.)

1. Lavan shocked everyone at the table today by cracking what I thought was an UnLavan joke. For the sake of his privacy, among other things, I shall not repeat what he said. The upside is, we learn something new about people everyday!

2. I realised today that I really do like school. And it's not just the academic aspect; it's everything about school. The campus, the people, the subjects, the nature of what you're doing. To put it mildly and superficially, it's fun. It really is. Maybe I'll articulate this better some other day when I'm not falling asleep.

3. Simultaneously, I think I've only achieved this sense of nirvana with regard to my pursuit of an LL.B. (Hons) (I can't remember where the spaces and periods are; all I remember is that Prof. G. Bell mentioned in CLT last year that it's written in a specific way) because I'm no longer in Year 1, and I'm no longer in Year 2. You take time to get used to things, to get over yourself, and once you do, once you let go of random useless bullshit that you cared about for no real reason two years ago, things will start to look up.

4. And yet, I don't feel like going to school tomorrow 'cause there's Evidence at 9 AM and then there's Rational Social Choice at 6.30 PM. And no one will be around to keep me company in between. SHIT DIE LIAO.

5. But I'm not dreading tomorrow; it won't kill me to me in school by myself for the whole day. It'd be nice to have company, but it's not necessary. Ergo, Nirvana.

6. I was at KR again today for about ten minutes and I don't care if I sound elitist because it made me appreciate BTC. The open spaces, the greenery, and how sitting outside the canteen with friends in the afternoon while everyone else is in lecture gives me a nice, warm feeling in my heart.

7. Rational Social Choice is endlessly fascinating. I just wish that the prof is less inclined to represent his ideas by way of graphs in his papers and in the classroom.

8. The prof is also funny. For instance, when talking about the Latin square thingy, he said and I quote, "I have no idea why it's called a Latin square. I see the square, but I don't see the Latin." When the air-conditioning was turned off at 9 p.m. during one of the first few classes, he said, "Have we arrived at nirvana?"

9. Finally caught up with Andre in school. I don't envy him at all, because LAWR was a MAJOR thorn in my ass. Some things never change. It's like this initiation, hazing, that every locally-bred lawyer has to go through (that is, after the syllabus change), and it's one of those things that you hate to its absolute core, and yet have to grudgingly admit that it was necessary. Because I don't think I would have survived my internships if I hadn't gone through LAWR. It's awfully practical, really, but when you're doing it, it'd make you want to die. Whatever it is, I'm so glad LAWR's over.

10. I was on MSN at 2 AM this morning. The two people I talked to were both shocked and amazed.

11. It's awfully cold today and I'm really sleepy so I think I'll go to bed after I shower.

12. I am hungry. I'm craving for Raffles Hotel's chocolate mooncakes. Yay for Mid-Autumn Festival!