September 26th, 2007

happy girl

too funny for words.

This is possibly the worst jack ever:

Me: [Prof] may think i'm adorable but he only gave me a B-
Me: i'm so sad
Me: i don't think my adorableness will help me at all for my essay
Kenneth: maybe u need to cry

There I was, expecting some vague words of comfort or some confidence-inspiring spiel, expecting some sympathy, but what did I get?

"Maybe you need to cry."


Those who get it, get it; those who don't, nevermind. Don't ask because I will never tell, and those who do get it shall never, ever tell too, or they will forever face my wrath.

I'm simultaneously outraged and amused. I'm amusedly outraged. I'm outragedly amused. I'm not really outraged, just feigning outrage, and am really just extremely amused. In fact, I'm so amused and in awe of his great wit and great sense of timing that I don't even know what to say anymore.

Except maybe this: I'M SO GONNA GET BACK AT HIM ONE DAY.


My research paper is non-existent. It's 3.02 a.m. on this 26th day of September, two-thousand-and-seven, and I do not have a research paper. I am so screwed.

I made a list of all the theorems and methods for social choice that we covered in class - it totalled to 20. I attempted to strike out points that I didn't think would apply to my topic - it totalled to 1.

I can't figure out how Arrow's impossibility theorem could possibly help me out here. But since it's an impossibility theorem, I guess the answer implies itself. And I printed about ten trillion articles but I haven't read a single one, and I'll be going to school later on today to print out cases that relate to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in other jurisdictions and the pronouncement of anti-homosexual laws as unconstitutional, things like that. And needless to say I haven't read anything.

I am so screwed I am so screwed I am SO SCREWED.

It's also not a very good sign at all when, during one of my endless conversations with myself in my head, I ask myself this very pertinent question, "What's your position?"

And the answer that instantly comes to mind? "All fours."

FUCK. Uh, no pun intended. I should explain the context. In one of the Season 1 Veronica Mars episodes, in a classroom scene, the teacher asked Veronica for her "position" on the issue that the class was talking about. Before she could answer, Dick Casablancas helpfully answered, "All fours."

Ha, ha, ha.

I actually do think it's quite funny. So, HAHAHA!

Gah, I need to sleep. And lots of caffeine when I wake up.

(PS disclaimer, just in case: The adorable thing is a joke. Nothing more.)