January 24th, 2008

happy girl

needing something to do.

In Infocoms class now, my stomach's feeling all weirdly bloated, I'm super sleepy, and I can't wait for American Idol later. How sad is it that the silly, even tiresome singing reality TV show is one of the very few things that helps me get through my week? Boo to the daily 6.30 classes.

I was at Great World with my mom earlier on, during the break I had between Comparative Criminal Law and Infocoms. I went into Esprit out of boredom, and because my mom was off somewhere looking at clothes, and I randomly saw this gorgeous black dress that was going for $49.90 when its original price was like $119.90 or something. Naturally I tried it on and it looked even better on me. Naturally I had to buy it even though it's a cocktail dress-y thingy and I have absolutely no occasion to wear it. And after more discounts and whatever else, my mom paid only $36 for it.

I am very very very super duper happy with my dress. :) So happy that I feel inclined to put a smiley face which, as a general rule, I don't do. Bwahaha. Of course, not having any occasion to wear it is a problem, but I'm sure that can (somehow) sort itself out.

He's talking about COPIF now and you know I haven't the slightest idea what it stands for. I hate acronyms. How amazing is it, really, that I remember Arabic words from Islamic Law much better than I remember what these seemingly random letters stand for?

Now we're on to the TCC. I looked up at the slide and saw: Code of Practice for Competition. The first thing that sprang to mind when I heard 'TCC'? The Coffee Connoisseur.

This article is bloody hilarious.

I'm so in love with my Esprit dress. :) :) And it's Esprit Collection. You know, notoriously expensive stuff? Okay, I exaggerate, but I usually don't bother looking at Esprit Collection clothes because I have, like, absolutely no money, so getting an Esprit Collection dress for $36 is A FUCKING STEAL, YO. Major happiness!

I had a nice chat with Lavan at the Year 3 tables after Comparative Crim. We both noted, with some wistfulness, that this semester feels pretty empty, especially compared to last semester. Our point of reference? The Year 3 tables. Lavan said that the tables used to be clustered with significantly more people last semester, whereas now it seems like you'd be a lucky to see a familiar face there. And it's true, you know. Today's Thursday, right? Throughout the entire week I think the person I talked to most was, like, Kenneth, and only because (like I told him) he's this reliable pillar of constancy on whom I could always count to be around, because he's always around. But with so many people - and by 'people' of course I mean only my friends - gone this semester, it really does feel like no one is around anymore.

Oh well, like I always say though, times flies really, really quickly. It's already nearing the end of the second week of school and I feel like school has just started. Which it has, but I feel like school's just started yesterday. I have no idea what I've done so far. It's been a hazy blur of going to school, having night classes every day, and watching American Idol. Sad, isn't it?

I realised that I have two weeks to study for the Chinese exam, which is like, 50%, and it's, like, Chinese, and it's not really law at all. How pressurising. But my Chinese really isn't as good as I think it is. In fact, I think it's exponentially worse than I think it is. I need to watch more Taiwanese news! I can't string together a slightly-more-than-basic sentence in Chinese without pausing to think and eventually give up and use English substitutes. I suck.

Simultaneously I've been trying to speak Hokkien and trust me when I say that the result is always, always hilariously disastrous. I think one day my parents will get sick of my constant butchering of the dialect and tell me to shut up. I really wouldn't be surprised.

I'm falling asleep. OMG still have forty minutes I wanna dieeeee.