February 15th, 2008

happy girl

i flove blake lewis!!!!

I honestly wanted to get started on my Infocoms paper tonight, but YOUTUBE IS EVIL. I've been YouTubing Blake's live performances of his original songs for the past two hours and I AM SO EFFING IN LOVE WITH HIM. I hate to say this but I usually lose interest in American Idol contestants after a while; their CDs usually suck which means there's nothing much to like anymore. But Blake's CD, while not the best CD I've ever heard, is serviceable, and it contains a few tracks that I absolutely love.</p>

This is my favourite Blake song:

(The video, obviously, is made by a fan.)

IT'S SUCH AN AMAZING SONG. It has vague Michael Jackson vibes and it's totally groove-able, and I just watched a live performance OMG!!!

Yes, he was out of tune for half the song, but OMG!!!!! HE BLOODY RADIATES RAW SEXUAL ENERGY!!!!!!! Especially the part where he goes to sing with the guitar (bass?) guy with the pink hair. HOW HOT IS THAT!!!!

Also noteworthy, his CD's first single, Break Anotha (I bitched about the grammatical incorrectness of the title in an entry before and I refused to misspell it but because I'm overflowing with Blake love right now, I DON'T CARE). I totally love it too because it's so upbeat and energetic, but OMG THE WAY HE PERFORMS IT IS BLOODY AMAZING!!!

He so should have recorded that screaming thing he did in front and at the end of the song. IT'S AWESOME!!!! Like he's just jumping around the stage and running around and while I'm half-afraid he's going to knock into something or someone, can you imagine watching that live? Can you imagine being in the same room as him while he does that? The raw, frenetic energy! It might even be a greater high than an orgasm.

I love this too!

I've never understood or thought highly of the crotch grab, but I think it's completely exciting that Blake can't seem to keep his hand off his crotch.

There are only three live performances of Know My Name on YouTube which is upsetting!!! Have I stressed enough how much I FLOVE the song? Because I do. MUCHLY.

Okay I'm going to stop typing now. If I go on I'm going to declare that I want to marry him, which I do. I WANT TO MARRY HIM!!!!! He's so hot OMG!!! And my IQ just dropped 50 points! But I think he seriously needs to work out. He's TUBBY which is not a good thing when he's SHORT!

But WHO CARES. I need to go to Seattle! So envious of Tris right now! He had all these shows in Seattle which are amazinggggg.

Okay I'm really going to stop typing. I LOVE BLAKE!!!!1