March 27th, 2008

happy girl

david cook is so my lover.

David singing Chris Cornell's cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean":

And one more, because I'm obsessive, with his intro video which contains a couple of his baby pictures that are...hilarious, to say the least:

I don't think any amount of swooning on my part can fully convey how absolutely blown away I was by this performance, and how absolutely stunning he was. I know I'm like totally a DCook fangirl, but I still have some semblance of objectivity left in me. While I do honestly like all his performances on the show so far, I do have one performance that I like less than others, and that is Eleanor Rigby.

But I think Billie Jean is probably his best performance ever on this show, and one of the best performances I've ever seen on the show. He is mind-blowing. There isn't one David Cook performance that isn't memorable, and his haunting, sensitive rendition of Billie Jean wins them all.

I am so glad he put aside his guitar this week and did something slower, more acoustic-y. This was what I meant when I said he needed to do something that can showcase the amazing places that his voice can go to. Because listening to his cover of Creep by Radiohead completely drove home the point that his vocal range is immense. He is not a belter, but the boy can belt. I honestly think that there's nothing he can't do; it's only a matter of whether he wants to do it or not. Hell, I'd listen to him sing Justin Timberlake's SexyBack (and, in the process, entertain thoughts that are in line with what the lyrics of the song say). Wait, scratch that: I'd listen to him sing the freaking phone book.

I honestly don't know what it is about this guy that gets me so much. Once again I woke up with a David Cook song playing in my head and I didn't listen to his songs at all yesterday since I was busy listening to my spanking new Pearl Jam CD. I thought Day Tripper was amazing last week, but Billie Jean was even more amazing. He literally outdoes himself every week and I think he's his own competitor. No one else in the competition can even come remotely close to his immense talent and musicality. And that voice - so malleable and versatile. He does raw sexy Rock Stah one week and goes all haunting and sensitive on me the next week, and of course I fell in love with him when he sang Everything I Do.

He is so amazing. He was also more subdued this week post-performance, which was actually really refreshing. Unlike last week when he was clapping for himself which of course some people have read as smug but I thought it was damn cute and well-deserved, this week he was more sombre, and he even seemed nervous. I haven't seen him nervous in a very very VERY long time. And his reaction to the judges' comments was just so heart-warming. I swear he looked like he was about to cry again, and that honest, ecstatic whoop after Simon said his performance was amazing was just so real. He's so endearing and everything about him just gets to me, from his hilarious self-deprecating sense of humour that clearly reveals a degree of self-awareness that is missing in most people, to his Inner Geek that loves crossword puzzles and is "enamoured with what words mean", and all the way to his determination to do what he wants to do, especially the fact that he recorded Analog Heart using his own resources and produced an amazing album that seriously puts many albums released on record labels to shame.

I really have to tell this guy that I'm his wife. Just look at this:

I think I fell in love with him even more after I saw that. Please tell me where to find a guy who's half as perfect as him? I was obsessed with jigsaw puzzles for a while some few years ago; I even had a discount card at some jigsaw puzzles specialty store whose name I can't remember. I can't help it, really, because the truth is, his nerdy hobbies only endear him to me even more. I'm so completely blinded by love that even his belly is cute. Ohmygod I've completely lost my mind but I don't care because the David Cook Universe of Immense Talent and Nerdy Hobbies is the only place I wanna be!

David went last which was awesome because he's never got the pimp spot before, but it was completely torturous because I had to sit through 9 irrelevant performances and bullshit before I could hear him sing. I kept wanting to fast-forward through boring and shitty people like Syesha Mercado whom I hate, Jason Castro who just keeps getting dumber and dumber and blander and blander whom I just do not get at all, and Kristy Lee Cook who' know what, don't get me started. Suffice it to say that she should stop hanging on to my husband's arm, and that she can't sing. She sang God Bless the USA and I was on the verge of dying - of an overdose of Lame and American patriotism. Lame American patriotism. Bleah, whatever.

I would love to see David win now because he's clearly the best and he deserves it, but I really don't want him to release the cheesy American Idol song. It's totally not his style and I don't want something that isn't him and which will subject him to ridicule to be his first single. It's just not right. I'm actually a lot more interested in his post-Idol career than in what he does on the show. I much prefer to listen to his original songs than his studio recordings of other people's songs. The latter is still his voice, but the original songs are him. And he's bloody amazing. Which is why he cannot release the stupid Idol song as his first single. But I want him to win. How?

I can't wait to see what he does next week. I heard it's Dolly Parton night ohmygod. But then again, he can sing anything. I would even listen to him sing country.