May 21st, 2008

Charah coffee

Fuck American Idol. David Cook is the King of the Universe.

I am so depressed right now I don't even know what to say.

David - the only one that matters - got thrown under a bus. I can't even get excited about him doing the Collective Soul song that he was going to do last week but switched (no pun intended) to Switchfoot instead. I can't even get excited about him choosing the poppiest, girliest of all twenty coronation songs to sing, and it was a song that many people hated, but I kind of liked (see, David and I are meant to be). I can't get excited about the last time I'll ever see David Cook on my TV because Simon Cowell decided to pimp ArchuBot instead.

I can't watch tonight. You have no idea - if he doesn't win this, I will cry. Okay, I will cry either way, but it's really a lot more pleasant to cry tears of joy rather than, like, non-joy.

I am done with American Idol. There is no way in hell I'm watching next season after what they did to the best, most versatile, most amazing contestant they've ever had, and I don't even need to watch the show to know how bad it was. If people are saying it's worse than what they did to Jason Castro, then fuck, it's a catastrophe of epic proportions.

I hate this show.

So the world has proved to me that optimism isn't my thing. I'll spend the rest of today preparing myself for...

I can't even think it without wanting to cry. Cook has to win this. He just HAS to.

FUCK THIS I'M GOING BACK TO VOTING. I didn't create TEN bloody Gizmo accounts for nothing (tip stolen from an ArchuBot site - BWAHAHAHAHA).

Dial Idol apparently has ArchuBot in red but it's not loading for me so I can't see. Shit.

And Gizmo? Please do me a favour and STOP FUCKING UP ON ME. Thanks.

Charah coffee


Dial Idol: Let's be clear - DialIdol is definitively predicting that David Cook will win American Idol. No ifs, ands or buts about it. No crazy margin of error claims or anything. The DialIdol scores are significantly different enough to wash all that out the window.

This comes as a bit of a surprise to me given that David Archuleta "knocked out" David Cook during the performance show so before you decide to skip the results show tonight you might want to consider that I myself will be watching with the usual uncertain anticipation that has become habit for me! got slammed pretty hard last night by lots of fans trying to see DialIdol's predictions. Page load time was in the neighborhood of 1-2 minutes from 9pm - 1am. Sorry about this. Sometimes it seems that it is easier to predict who will win American Idol than it is to predict how much traffic DialIdol will get. :)

Let's see what Simon has to say tomorrow when the fucking confetti is raining down on David - COOK. Dial Idol hasn't been right 100% throughout the whole season, but it has correctly predicted the winner for every season since it came into existence.

Sorry Idol, your bus-throwing backfired - DRAMATICALLY. Simon's (must be scripted) comments only served to fire up Cookie's immense and immensely dedicated fanbase to vote like they've never voted before for ALL of four hours (and beyond).

This means only one thing: If ArchuBot is declared the winner tomorrow, I will believe whole-heartedly that American Idol is rigged. I've heard a lot of conspiracy theories over the years but never gave a shit about any of them, never believed anything, and never believed, for even a second, that Idol could be rigged.

Therefore, if Cook doesn't take this, American Idol is rigged. I just don't believe that Dial Idol is suddenly "wrong" on Season 7 when it's been right since it started doing predictions in like, Season 3. And I know this because I checked obsessively during the weeks leading up to the finals.

Honestly? Dial Idol was like, the one thing that saved me from severe depression the whole day. Seriously. It's sad, I know, but whatever. Cookie is just...I have no words.

Also? If Gizmo works, Cookie got 1627 votes from me. I got through a grand total of two times via regular dialing and power-voted via IM 65 times (1 IM = 25 votes). Yes, I'm quite proud of myself.


Will bitch and rant about Simon's comments later after I watch the show. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR DAVID'S COLLECTIVE SOUL SONG.

Charah coffee

This is the world I know.

Hotness Personified #1 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: djsglghaskgbhkjbha. Absolutely no words.

Other Dude #1 - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me: Was too busy discussing when/why Clive Davis picked this song for Bo Bice in Season 4 to pay it any attention. Did tune back in for the judges' comments though, and...nevermind.

Sex on Two Legs #2 - Dream Big: I FUCKING LOVED THIS. I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT. When he ended I almost cried with happiness. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Poppiest song he's ever sang, and he's just amazing.



10.37 p.m.:

Other Dude #2 - Whatever It's Called: Um, I was so busy writing this entry that I missed the first two-thirds of it. It sounded like a David Archuleta performance. Take it however you will.



10.46 p.m.:

David Cook - The World I Know: I can barely see through my tears right now. He nearly made me cry with Always Be My Baby, but now I'm crying. It was quite literally the most beautiful, most moving, most touching, most sincere, most heart-wrenching thing I've ever heard on the show, or simply just...ever. He was completely naked on that song and I just, I don't even have the words to describe it. It was the most beautiful thing. Most beautiful. I can't even...

David Cook has been such a huge inspiration and he's such an amazing, amazing talent and person. Words are so "trite" (thanks David) at this point and there's really nothing that I can possibly say that can do justice to him. We all know I love him, we all know I've been fangirl-obsessed with him ever since late February, but do we truly know just how profoundly he's affected me? We can't. Because I don't know it myself.

All I know? David Cook put on a hell of a show for us these past three months, and with his last performance on Idol, he showed us exactly why we're going to buy whatever he puts out. He saw the forest, not the trees; and I saw an artist, a true musician, who knows who he is as an artist and has infinite talent and chops to pull it off.

Not only do I flove this guy to death, I have an exponentially infinite amount of respect and admiration for him. I don't like the word "idol" much because of its cheesy connotations, but I hereby declare - with pride - that David Cook is my idol, and supporting him on his Idol journey and beyond has been, and will continue to be, a great, great honour.

This is all so schmaltzy and sentimental but words fail me at this point, so I'll let David himself to the talking...or um, rather, singing.

Dream Big

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

The World I Know

The World I Know is, hands down, David's best performance of the entire season. I'm fucking livid that Simon called it a "beautiful song" but went on to say that he should have done Billie Jean or Hello instead. Yes, I was expecting a reprisal, but that's the thing with David - he never does what you expect him to do. And he said it best himself - the show is about progression. Why should he sing a song that he's already done before?

I didn't watch Archuleta's Imagine. Heard it before already anyway, and was barely impressed the first time. What do I care about the second, especially since after the Superior David moved my cold, cold heart to actual, tangible tears with The World I Know?

As for tomorrow, I don't even know. Either way I'm going to cry. So...I don't know.


ETA at 1.17 a.m.:

I really really really should be sleeping but I just watched Dream Big twice and I freaking LOOOOVE it. David looks down at his guitar a lot when he plays (presumably when he's changing his fingering), and there was this particular moment when he looked down and his head was turned slightly to the right, and I swear the first thing that came to my mind was KELLY JONES!!!!

It wasn't the most RAWK! song ever, but the guitar and the leather jacket and just his whole leaving the competition behind made that performance such a wonderful one and totally reminded me of All Right Now and Day Tripper David whom I've missed so, so much. I love Dream Big so much despite the gigantic cheeseball that is the song.

Have I mentioned yet that I listened to and rated all 20 Songwriter songs and Dream Big was the only song that I liked on my own terms? The other songs that I gave 10 for were songs that I could picture David sing (hence the rating, duh) and I didn't actually like any of them. Dream Big, however, I instantly liked, and I thought it was catchy and even infectious. The demo version had a girl singing on it and the first line was, "When I was a little girl." I totally cracked up when David sang, "When I was a little boy." But anyway, my point is, I liked Dream Big and it was NOT a song that I thought was suitable for David - at all. I didn't even bother to picture him sing it 'cause the demo was so bubblegum pop and I'm trying to think of a bubblegum female pop artist to make the description complete, but all I can think of is Candy-era Mandy Moore (you know, that song where she's all, "I'm missing you like candy"? Shit, I'm old).

So when I found out that David chose Dream Big to sing? Complete WTF COOK!!! moment. One out of so many throughout the entire season, right? I know!

I want to re-watch the Collective Soul song but I just don't think I can stay up crying all night, so I'll just watch Dream Big a few more times then go to bed. Shit I have to wake up at 7 later?! Ugh.


ETA #2 at 1.35 a.m.:

Should've known that I just can't help myself.

Watched it three times, cried every single time. My heart explodes and breaks for this guy. That wasn't David Cook trying to win a competition; that was David Cook being the musician and artist that he is, showing us who he is, and he is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this amazing gift, David. Nothing can ever beat this moment for me, and so Idol is officially dead to me.