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Gossip Girl 2x04 ramblings - contains spoilers

I LOVE CHUCK BASS. Sooo dying to hear Ed Westwick speak in his natural British accent; the one word we got last week sooo wasn't enough. I don't know what's up with Chuck's fugly styling (the lavender suit with the purple bow tie? I almost died. Not to mention the shorts he was wearing in one of the earlier episodes) and he looked much better in season 1, but his manipulative, scheming and conniving ways are so, so, so hot. He's Logan Echolls, but with actual balls and a backbone, and Chuck/Blair is my new Logan/Veronica.

Having said that, I'd like to express my utter hatred and disdain for Dan. He's a fucking piece of shit. His stupid rant at Serena at the party after that fake-ass Barbie chick who couldn't act to save her life got her hair burned was just horrible. I kept waiting for Serena to slap him, which was TOTALLY what I would have done in her shoes. How can she let him speak to her like that and just stand there and take it? If they ever get back together again, I'd puke. No one should ever suffer a relationship in which the girl is constantly judged and put down by her boyfriend (or the other way round; whatever). Dan never loved Serena for who she was; at best he loved the idea of her, and he loved the girl that he wanted her to be. HE IS AN UTTER ASSHOLE AND I HATE HIM. Too bad, really, 'cause he was quite an intriguing outsider-type when the series first started. Now? I wish he'd get his comeuppance, and then some. I'm meh on Bitch Serena but Dan getting his ass kicked will totally make up for it.

Also? I'm so glad the stupid Lord/Duchess storyline is over. Marcus was insufferable to watch, as was the Duchess. And them getting it on? Totally saw it coming.

Nate is still pretty, but boy, is he boring or what. Still can't stand Vanessa and her make-up sucks, and what was with those neon blue bra straps peeking out from her tie-dyed top? Talk about unclassy.

And I still want Rufus and Lily to get together. Now that Serena and Dan are history (and may they stay that way), maybe it's time for Lily to dump Bass Senior and get back with Rufus, where she KNOWS she belongs.

All in all, though, Gossip Girl is a horribly-written and horribly-directed show that's purely entertaining guilty pleasure for me. I love it.


Shit, still haven't received confirmation re. KL exhibition match. But I just found out they're only playing one set per match. WAH LAUUU. It's really not that worth it, if I'm being honest. And Nadal's confirmed not going since he has Davis Cup duties. Despite my not liking the Federer/Nadal rivalry, I'd still rather watch Nadal than James Blake.

And speaking of Nadal, I caught a bit of his Davis Cup match against Roddick on TV. Shit, I didn't know Roddick got bagelled in the second set! Poor thing. I just noticed that Nadal's forehead shots go all the way up around his head which kind of makes him look monkey-ish but that's probably what gives his forehand the power that it has. He's also seemingly allergic to the net, and his winners were mostly shot from the baseline.

Is that why he doesn't play doubles? I still don't see what it is about his game that Roger seemingly cannot beat. Roger can match him in terms of power, and even though this has nothing to do with winning a match, Roger totally surpasses him in terms of style. Not only that - Roger, like the commentators say, is a complete player. He plays at the net, he plays from the baseline, he can serve big when he wants to; he can, basically, do whatever the hell he pleases with his racquet on the court. From what little I've seen of Nadal so far, his dominant and main style of attack is to fire super powerful shots from the baseline, both forehand and backhand. And yeah, he scores winners easily this way, gets boring after a while.

Besides, unlike Roger, Nadal actually sweats. He's always dripping with sweat whenever he plays, but Roger doesn't seem to have the ability to perspire at all. Roger Federer is simply not human, period, and his tennis is fucking extraterrestrial.

Also, I realised that, if he wins the Australian Open next year, he'd match Sampras' 14 grand slams there...which means he'd break the record at any one of the following tournaments. Does this mean that I have to stalk him from Paris to London and then to New York just to have a shot at watching him break the record? My current Impossible Dream is to be in the same stadium as him when he breaks the record, which we all know he will; but this Dream is Impossible for a reason.

Lastly, oh my effing god, they're showing the ATP Masters and the ATP Tour on cable next month!!!!1!11! Sorry parents, you're gonna have to keep paying an additional $25 for the next two months at least, until December. I need my Roger Federer fix! I hope he denies Blake his third Stockholm title.

This is the best quote EVER: "[In the modern game], you're a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist or a hard court specialist ... or you're Roger Federer." - Jimmy Connors


Argh I seriously need to get started on the Interpol paper and the articles that I haven't read for the Oct 10 take-home.

I hate school.

I have nothing else to say.




The stupid interviewer is a retard though. How insulting was it to suggest that women only like Ed Westwick because of his role on Gossip Girl and his British accent? What a douche.

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