April 22nd, 2009

happy girl

American Idol: Top 7 Take 2


Fantastic rearrangement of a Donna Summer(s) song! I love him so much. He's reminding me more and more of David every week, with his re-spinning the songs to suit him, his self-awareness, his VAST lack of an identity crisis, and showing us every week what kind of an artist he wants to be. I LOVE HIM!

And he was so adorable tonight, omg.

There are five more people to go but - KRIS WAS THE BEST OF THE NIGHT!

Of course, I'm totally not biased. Like, at all.


I wanted to wake up to vote for Kris today, even set my alarm for 8.43 a.m., but the alarm rang, I turned it off, went back to sleep, and woke up at 1 p.m.


Oh well, pretty sure he's safe. That arrangement + the fab singing + the adorableness = good to go for another week!


ETA 10.50:

Anoop hasn't sung yet (on my TV) but shit, I'm worried. I'm worried that Kris' quiet, frills-free performance got lost in the shuffle of upbeat, dramatic performances. DAMMIT. And Lil got the Simon Bashing which means her 10 fans probably power-voted like mad. SHIT! If Kris leaves before the top 3, I'm never watching this show again.


ETA 11.05:

Kris was still the best of the night for me. I didn't like Adam as much this week and didn't hear the vulnerability that got Paula all teary, and I turned away from the TV when he hit that uber-high note, and for me, Kris' take on that song was more memorable and original, and less predictable, than Adam's. I have no idea what song Adam sang (I'm not a fan of disco) but with a fast song, you either stick to the up tempo or you go slow - and Adam went slow. Kris picked a middle ground and mixed it up with the acoustic setting, which I really appreciate.

Also, Randy is a douchebag. Idol isn't just a singing competition. Hasn't David Cook proven that already? It may have started off as one, but it sure as hell have evolved into something else - and it's this new element of "artistry" (TM Kara) that will keep it fresh and prevent it from dropping in ratings too much. I can't stand it whenever Randy goes, "Dude, you can definitely sing!" I mean, DUH. Why the hell else are these people there? You'd think that a person on a singing competition can sing, right? Seriously, tell me something I don't. TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW. Randy's critiques are as useless as Paula's "You look lovely tonight" schtick she starts off with whenever she's about to say something not-positive.

I actually enjoyed Matt more than I thought would, but I'm STILL seeing second-rate Justin Timberlake. Doesn't help that he looks like Justin Timberlake and seems to have a hat fetish. And his voice also sounds like JT's.

Lil Rounds needs to get off my TV. ASAP.

And Danny Gokey. Oh my god. Am I the only one hearing some serious lack of vocal control in his upper register? And I swear, for the love of my sanity and purity of mind, he should NEVER attempt to dance again. And that stupid heart-shape he pulled with his hands when Ryan was reading out his number disgusted me to NO FUCKING ENDS. Dude, you're TWENTY-EIGHT. Stop acting like a 16-year-old kid. The last time I remember seeing someone do that was JORDIN FREAKING SPARKS of SEASON SIX, and SHE was 16.

I'm not a fan of Allison's voice but I like her personality so I'm okay with her. I'd like the top 3 to be Kris, Adam and Allison please, thanks, with the top 2 being Kris and Adam. I don't care how bombastic and omg amazing! Adam is; the two best contestants in this season are Kris and Adam, because they are both musical and they both know who they are as artists. NOTHING will be a bigger travesty than a non-Kradam final. Thanks.

I didn't like Anoop's moustache. I didn't like his performance too much, either. I still think Angel of Mine (from top 36) was awesome, and I'd KILL to hear him sing Be Without You on the show. He sang it with his college a cappella group and he did it even better than Lil (and that was her best and only good performance on the show).

LOVE KRIS!!!!!!!!