June 24th, 2009

Charah coffee

Nothing but positivity.


I LOVE Daniela. She is so hot, it's not even funny. She is so hot, she makes me, a completely straight female (okay, as "completely" as such things get anyway; a friend and I have a theory that there is no such thing as 100% heterosexuality), watch a boring tennis match just to admire her hotness.

To be fair, she played okay-well and Zheng Jie played like shit. But the penultimate point of the match was truly magnificent. Daniela hit a drop shot out of nowhere, Zheng Jie hustled forward in time to hit it back, and Daniela pulled out this amazing backhand volley that totally zoomed past Zheng Jie who tried to lunge for it at the net, but to no avail. That was pretty awesome.

And speaking of drop shots, my mouth dropped open when I saw Maria Sharapova execute one (a few points before she lost the first set). I don't watch much women's tennis but wow, I never knew the women were open to doing that.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Maria's match to end so that I can watch Roger. Yay. I'm sad she's losing as I think she's really hot (though totally not elegant in her playing) but well.

Daniela's hotter though. I love her. <3


Work today was okay. It's been okay for a while now.

Last night was really nice.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm happier nowadays because I'm getting used to the new phase of my life, or whether it has nothing to do with adjusting at all, and everything to do with the comfort in seeing a new text message from the same person in my phone, the subtle, but palpable, excitement in seeing the said person face to face, that lost but found feeling of being with the said person.

I live for the weekends now for more reasons than the obvious one. And it's not just because I play tennis on Saturdays.


Today started on a rather dour note though, and when I saw the OhSeeBeeSee submission on my desk which I did a couple of weeks ago (basically I modified a template, but it was tedious and annoying and I never want to do another one ever again), I flipped through it and saw all sorts of scribblings and deletions from my boss. I thought, "Shit, I'm screwed. This looks like a royally fucked piece of crap work."

Thankfully I was wrong. Kind of. Meaning, it was crap, but I wasn't screwed. My boss is seriously nice. She's patient and reasonable and doesn't overwhelm me with work. I still haven't stayed past 7.10 so far which is pretty incredible for someone doing pupillage in a litigation department.

But still, this OhSeeBeeSee stuff, oh my goodness. I'm really glad I was only given one file to do. If I had to do another one...I'd much rather draft another affidavit (I have to do one pretty big one, starting tomorrow) or do another research on some rules of court thing (civil procedure is really boring if I'm being honest, and I'm so not looking forward to taking it in PLC) or even stare at Lawnet the whole day trying to answer a really obscure and technical legal question (and dedicating two hours of my Sunday to answering the said legal question at the national library, because the law school library is closed on Sundays during vacation, and because I refused to go back to the office on a Sunday). Just no more OhSeeBeeSee, please, thanks.

I wrote a semi-advice yesterday. It was actually a reply to an email from a client asking a legal question. It was based on my research (the one I did on Sunday). It was really long - two and a half pages, about 15 paragraphs plus a few sub-paragraphs and sub-sub-paragraphs.

I hope it wasn't complete crap.

I still miss law school though, despite everything.


Maria just won the second set which means it's gonna take a while before Roger takes Centre Court. Sadness.

Good for Maria though! I hope she wins.

Uh, I hope she wins within the next 30 minutes. I still have to work tomorrow!


I can't wait to play tennis this week. I totally bought a new skirt from Adidas yesterday, after I saw Sania Mirza wearing this gorgeous layered skirt in her first round match. The top was damn ugly though, so once again I don't have a matching top which is all kinds of depressing but oh well.

It cost $62. It's fucking expensive. But - I'M GETTING MY PAY SOON! YAYNESS.


Lastly, I LOVE Sonic Youth's Incinerate. I downloaded this song years ago, but it was stuck in my head the whole day today (after Michael Learns to Rock's Paint My Love was finally vanquished, and I only have Rui to thank for putting it there!) and it made me really happy. I don't know why. It's a great song. I love it.