August 10th, 2009

Charah coffee

Another rubbish entry

I was happily watching the repeat of the Washington final between Andy and Del Pot, wanting to watch it without knowing the result so that it was almost as good as watching it live. Things were going swimmingly well with Andy winning the first set. When he lost the second, I also lost my patience.

I was HORRIFIED to find out that Andy lost. MY POOR DEAR ANDY. I was all ready to post pictures of him 'cause I was quite sure he'd win, but he didn't. SIGH. I have no interest in watching a match that my preferred player lost, so the second I found out he lost I turned off the TV.

I am very sad for him. Very, very sad.


I went swimming this afternoon and it was sufficiently tiring, such that I am quite sleepy right now. The fact that I just ate a chocolate cake doesn't help matters too much.

I need to stop eating so much desserts. The Fullerton chocolate buffet thing is officially postponed for a month, until I feel physically ready to tackle a buffet full of chocolate.


Tasks for tonight:

1. Do drafting tutorial (when I say "do", I don't actually mean "do". I mean come up with something sufficient to get me through tutorial)

2. Finish CPCM advice shit, though I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do (Criminal is decidedly harder than Civil, even if it's purely because I have zero criminal experience to date)

3. Start drafting FMS writ of summons and statement of claim.

All this because I want to go out on Wednesday. What great motivation! I know!


I find it quite ironic, and simultaneously hilarious, that I'm using what I did during pupillage to help me do my PLC work. Isn't PLC supposed to prepare me for pupillage? I think that's the point of PLC. In fact, that is the point of PLC. And yet, I'm digging up templates from my work for The Firm to deal with my PLC stuff.

Amazing, right? I know.