August 13th, 2009

Charah coffee

Too lazy to think of a proper title.

My laptop is seriously driving me crazy. It's slowed down significantly, such that everytime my Firefox takes 5 seconds longer than usual to open (and I know this because I know how fast it used to open), I'd inevitably start to get irritated. If I have MSN on, and the game in the previous entry on, then my browser has an 80% chance of crashing.

Just now my browser fucking crashed. Right in the midst of writing a new entry. And I didn't even have MSN on (though I think blogs with embedded YouTube videos slow down my laptop too). HATE it when this happens, but thankfully the first third was about inconsequential tennis stuff so it was THAT bad. But it's still fucking irritating. Time to get a new laptop; this is getting quite ridiculous.

Anyway, I wanted to say three things in this entry:

1. Montreal Masters: Federer d. Niemeyer 7-6(2), 6-4.

Lazy to write in prose form, so point form:


-Niemeyer didn't play like the #483 journeyman that he is

-That double fault in the tie-break must've hurt like a bitch, especially since he was playing so well up till then

-Did not expect a tie-break AT ALL.

-Niemeyer was down 0-30 in his opening game. I was all, "I woke up at 7 AM for THIS?"

-Roger had a break point which Niemeyer snuffed out with a big first serve.

-Tie-break time. Was getting nervous, then actually anticipated correctly that Niemeyer would serve a DF when he was serving at 2-3. And he did.

-Totally sucks to serve a DF in a tie-break 'cause every point counts. Not worse than DF-ing on match point (Verdasco vs. Nadal, Australian Open 2009 semi-final) or break point, but definitely #3 on list of Worst Possible Moments to Serve a Double Fault.

-Niemeyer played well. Played well above what his ranking suggests. Very pleasantly surprised. Roger and him exchanged what looked like kind words at the net.


-Roger's new outfit is more of the same: Another Bloody Blue Shirt. Not impressed.

-Roger's tennis was as expected. First tournament since winning Wimbledon. The rust was expected.

-Serve was on though. Very good.

-Want to see him play Tsonga. Tsonga's an absolute joy to watch when he's playing well. Wanna see his all-court game match up with Roger's. Surely he'd do better now than he did in Madrid last year (that was quite...atrocious. And a let-down).

2. Happy Times #1

Tuesday was a good day despite classes, because Mag and I walked to Central from the Supreme Court after Civil Procedure where we proceeded to buy Yummy Bread from Provence and then sat in a very empty and quiet O'Briens to eat and talk. We finished the whole packet. I ate two slices of toast. I was very full after that.

I love Mag. Very much. My life would suck without her, and it wouldn't be the same without her, and bloody hell, it WILL be empty and boring without her.

Thanks Mag, therefore, for a great post-lecture, pre-tutorial afternoon. Of course, it made me NOT want to go for tutorial, but it put me in a good mood for tutorial. Yay. Love Mag lots!

3. Happy Times #2

Wednesday: I bought three new pieces of clothing for a grand total of $108. I am very, very proud of myself.

Met Tong at Orchard. Walked around Ion - still don't really care for the place. And the air-con from level 1 upwards totally wasn't working. And there was also totally nothing to buy there, for obvious reasons. Saw a random top at some random boutique on one of the higher levels - top was made in Italy. Therefore it cost $999 I guess?

Whatevs. I'm sorry, but I refuse to pay such ridiculous amounts of money for a piece of clothing. It's definitely true that I can't afford it; but even if I could, I think I have better things to spend on than mere clothes. I love clothes, to be sure; but I'm not going to pay $999 for some top that doesn't look like it's $999. I'm sure as hell NOT going to pay $70 for Mango jeans when I can get it at half price during the sale. Also NOT going to pay $53 for some cheap-looking, badly-constructed F21 dress when I can pay less for something better elsewhere.

I sound cheapskate, but I'm not. I buy cheaply, but I buy a lot. Okay, I used to buy a lot; I've lost a lot of my buying prowess over the past year or so. I have no idea why. Maybe I've grown up.

Still, let it be said that, when I'm looking at clothes, I'd have a pricetag in mind, i.e. how much I'm willing to pay for it. If the real price exceeds my ideal price, then I wouldn't bother. And most of the time, the real price exceeds my ideal price by quite a bit.

IT'S NOT MY FAULT MASS-PRODUCED CLOTHES SOMETIMES LOOK CHEAP. And have bad quality. Really. Mango dresses are pretty much not worth buying, even when they're on sale. The quality is SO bad, you practically can't wear it after the first wash. The dress I wore to my 21st thingy had its front sagging after the first wash. I wore it once more, and that was it. I think I'll throw it away soon.

Okay, whatever. Before I move on, I'd like to say that I was SO shocked when I saw a pair of Mango jeans going for $45 - REGULAR PRICE - that I bought it, nevermind that 1) my legs felt hot in it; and 2) it looked like the F21 pair I wore, just darker. And longer. Yep. Dammit, $45 for jeans? I'D TAKE IT.

Moving on now. The point of today's excursion to Orchard was to eat the famous panna cotta at the Cineleisure food court. It used to be at Anchorpoint. I know this because Mag raved to me about it for the whole of law school. Then one day when Tong and I were eating panna cotta at Modesto's, he mentioned that the best panna cotta ever was in a food court. I thought it was Mag's panna cotta, and I was right.

So we went today to eat and fuck it was AMAZING. SERIOUSLY DAMN GOOD. Better than Modesto's. And it was only $1.80. SERIOUSLY. I'm never going to order panna cotta at a restaurant ever again.

If only they made tiramisu that good, right? Oh well!

So after that, guess what we did? It's so geek I almost don't wanna say, but because it's so geek, it HAS to be said.

We got some PC room at Level 9 and played Evony.


Okay after that we watched some random DVD, after confirming that there was nothing to watch in the theatres, so it wasn't THAT bad.

Okay, totally out of defences. I hang my head in shame.

Speaking of the game, Tong told me to attack some guy with lots of loot and I attacked him three times to up my spoils. I came home, checked my thing, and found that the guy's alliance declared war with mine. My alliance chatbox was all abuzz with the news, and they were all, "It was tripwires. He (sic) sent three waves of attack to that guy."

HAHAHAHAHA. I felt quite bad, but they were all, "Bring it on!" so I stopped feeling bad after a while. Some guy from the attacked fool's alliance sent me a message telling me I was gonna die.

Right. I felt like replying, "That's nice. But I don't care. It's just a game." I decided against it, in case I caused more trouble for other people.

Blah. I don't normally play online MMORPGs because they're so troublesome and I like playing games at my own pace. But this damn game is so addictive. When the attack was imminent, I thought I'd just abandon my city if I got annihilated; but I teleported out of there, thus dodging a bullet.

AND I don't know why I'm talking about this.

I'm going to sleep. Very, very sleepy. Was out practically the whole day. Tired max. But worth it, 'cause it was Tong. That goes without saying.
Charah coffee

The extent of one's obsession.

Totally didn't understand a single word that was uttered in Commercial Practice class. The only words I understood came out of my own mouth: "Um, I'm not sure."

Business trust/REITs (don't even know what it stands for)/companies/corporate vs. personal, sorry, WHAT? Don't understand. Don't care. Don't like. Don't want.

What a nightmare. The best part was that I was so disinterested, I thought playing Evony for hours was more interesting than preparing for the tutorial - and so I didn't prepare. At all. AT. ALL. When the tutor asked me another question about what a banker would be interested in protecting if he set up a branch in a foreign company, I started to read out from the manual...until I realised it said something like, "Banks set up branches in foreign countries because all banks do that."

WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF UNHELPFUL STATEMENT IS THAT. WHY DO ALL BANKS DO THAT? BOOK DOESN'T SAY. There was something in parenthesis about consolidating assets, so I went, "Um, they're interested in consolidating their assets?"

No idea what that even meant. Tutor had no idea what I meant too. Bleah, whatever.

I was THRILLED when the tutorial ended. I totally understand the concept about how law and legal practice cannot be pigeon-holed; litigators will need to deal with corporate issues (e.g. whether company was incorporated correctly. Or something. I don't know) and vice versa. But DAMMIT, fucked if I couldn't care any less about companies, business vehicles, businesses. Not interested. At all. AT ALL. And I'm really bad at things that I have zero interest in. I got a C for Company Law, and if I marked my own paper, I would've given myself an F. My level of knowledge is around an F in any case.

Have I mentioned I was thrilled when the tutorial ended? It also meant it was time for dinner with my favourite law people! Mag, Rui, Jean and Ven. Rui drove us to Portsdown Road, the place she's been raving about since forever, and she was so right in her assessment. It's SO nice and secluded and quiet and romantic. The restaurant is ran by the same people who run the Carmela I dunno what it's called Italian place at Greenwood, but I'd much rather drive to Portsdown and risk getting lost (very likely) because the place is seriously super nice.

Anyway, dinner was absolutely awesome despite me almost suffocating and melting in the humidity. It's always entertaining when we get together and start talking rubbish - Mag and her lame-ass jokes, Rui and the adorable funny sounds that come out of her mouth and the adorable facial expressions she makes, Ven and her self-deprecating remarks, and Jean and her occasional lapses into random weird moments (always very funny). When Mag and Rui got the whole table to snort like pigs, with Ven nabbing top prize for Best Snort, that was when it was clear everyone was a bit off her rocker.

But it was FUN FUN FUN. A nice way to end an otherwise uneventful Thursday with one hour spent on irritating things before dinner. Yay. I love my friends.


Just saw this on the ontd_tennis LJ community and nabbing the ones that 100% apply to me:

You know you're obsessed with tennis when...

- you can say 'Let's Go' in at least four languages

- you rearrange your life around Grand Slams

- you know what GOAT stands for

- you stay up late during the grand slams, no matter what time zone you're in (except for me, I stay up late for every single fucking tournament Roger Federer participates in, even if they're just some ATP 500 ones)

- you are as deeply affected by a loss as the player is

- you can pronounce all sorts of names in languages other than your own, and get really irritated when other people can't.

- you make up excuses with your friends who want to go to the cinema because omg it's when there's the match X on the other side of the world

- you scream "out" before the lines people

-You can recognize an umpire by the sound of his voice (Seriously. I can. SERIOUSLY.)

-you got really excited/actually cared/knew what the hell people were babbling on about when it was rumored that Fed might start working with Darren Cahill.

- You fistpump when you celebrate things

For me, this is perhaps more applicable. The fact that I'm coming up with this list now means I have nothing better to do. YESSSS.

You know you're obsessed with Roger Federer when...

1. You give way to FedEx trucks (I swear I really give way to FedEx trucks)

2. You can memorise his entire ATP schedule

3. You arrange your social life around his matches

4. You own a Nike RF cap

5. You enlisted the help of your friend in New York to buy you the Roger Federer beanie baby bear

6. You spent good money going to Kuala Lumpur to watch him play in an exhibition match, in the middle of your exams

7. You stay up all night watching his unexciting first-round matches against lousy opponents

8. You know exactly what tournament an action shot was taken from, purely by the outfit he's wearing

9. is one of your Firefox shortcuts

10. You have posted on his Facebook page, thinking he'd read your message out of the 10,000++++ other messages he gets

11. It's his birthday and you tell your boyfriend, "It's Roger's birthday!" As if your boyfriend gives a shit (he doesn't).

12. You call him Roger as if he's your friend

13. You cried when he lost the 2009 Australian Open final and was unhappy for three days

14. Your friends know to send you a 'cheer up' SMS when he loses a huge match, like the 2009 Australian Open final

15. You know who he defeated in every single Grand Slam he's won. You know the scores for half of those victories

16. When you see the word "Roger", you think "Roger Federer"

17. When you meet someone named Roger, you think, "He does not deserve to be named Roger. Only Roger Federer can be named Roger." The illogical nature of your train of thought is explained away by, "Roger is the GOAT!"

18. You called your fake law firm GOAT & Genius LLP

19. Your fake law firm is fakely located at 15 Switzerland Lane, Federer Express, Singapore 080881

20. You record ALL his matches and burn ALL of them onto DVDs. Even the boring ones versus Ivo Karlovic.

Yeah, I think I need therapy too.