September 5th, 2009

Charah coffee

Tragic Taiwan.

Taiwan drops annual UN bid blah blah blah



Sure, it's all well and good to cosy up to China, but at what expense? If Taiwan has been trying to join the UN for the past 17 years, and China has not launched attacks on the country, despite Chen Shui-bian, then what is the harm of continuing to try to join the UN?

I'm sorry, I'm probably being irrational, but this seems to me to be a huge step backwards for the country, an unnecessary concession to [expletive deleted] China, at the cost of the country's national identity. First it was cutting back on the military parade on National Day, after which probably came a lot of other anti-independence moves which I can't presently remember, and now this.


No, actually, I mean what the fuck.

Good going, Ma Yin-jeou. And it's just so sad for the country that both the KMT and the DPP are incompetent and retarded, that it's a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.


Just in case we're unclear: Taiwan is not, and will never be, a part of China.

Thank you and good night.


Oh, and what the fuck is wrong with Reuters? Taiwan is formerly the ROC? Since when? Taiwan is STILL the fucking ROC.

And by the way? BY THE WAY? China's "seat" on the UN is called the Republic of China. If China suddenly changed its name from PRC to ROC, I must've been asleep and missed the memo.


"Instead of asking our allies to submit a proposal to join the United Nations, we will seek other kinds of meaningful participation," he said. "It is a change of method, but we will not give up the right of the Taiwanese to join the UN." - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

So the proposed alternative is...? These "other kinds of meaningful participation" are...?

Yeah, don't hear shit either. How the hell do you secure UN membership for Taiwan if you sit back and do nothing? What, it's just gonna fall from the fucking sky is it?


And someone from the China network is posting shit on this Facebook group.

These people. Are. A waste of my time.