March 7th, 2010

Charah coffee

Childhood dream fulfilled!!!!!!!!!!!!

This entry is exactly one week overdue, but better late than never, right?

So last Sunday I totally fulfilled my childhood dream of watching the Backstreet Boys live. This was the venue:

This was the companion whom I dragged along with me to the concert:

Hahahahaha. I look a bit deranged but oh well.

The concert itself was decent. They did A LOT of their old songs (I've decided my favourite BSB song is All I Have To Give), enough to make me happy, and a couple of their newer ones were quite decent.

BUT the whole thing barely lasted two hours. It probably lasted a little over an hour and a half. They did one obligatory encore with their new song Straight to the Heart (which I quite like) and that was it. When I checked my watch was surprised to see it was five minutes to 10. So yeah, for the price I paid which was like 101 per ticket, I felt rather cheated.

Also, I must say that Wei Chuen wasn't the only one freaked out by the screaming females that night. My ears were going deaf not from the live music, but from the females around me screaming their heads off. I was rather subdued - which made me feel fucking old - but the people around me totally weren't, especially the row of girls at the back, and the lone girl next to me who bravely went alone and still um, had a lot of fun screaming.

There was this family of 3, though, that sat next to Wei Chuen who were really cute. The dad, this old uncle, was obviously dragged to the concert by his wife and possibly his son. His wife, this middle-aged auntie, stood up enthusiastically with her belly sticking out and clapped and swayed along to the songs. It was really cute. The uncle moved his hips a bit to one of the songs for maybe 3 minutes; Wei Chuen and I were laughing in hearty amusement. There was also a middle-aged Caucasian couple a few rows in front of us. The man stood with his arms decidedly folded across his chest for most of the time while his (I presumed) wife danced away happily, but when the uncle next to Wei Chuen started moving, I looked at the Caucasian uncle and saw that HE was moving too. Wei Chuen spotted him earlier on and told me that he took comfort in his presence, so when the Caucasian uncle started moving, I pointed him out to Wei Chuen and we both laughed our asses off.

Some guy who sat at the end of the row looked down at his BlackBerry the whole time. I bet he was dragged too.

After the concert we went to Starbucks where I ate some weird pudding-ish thing (earl grey teh tarik), and when we attempted to get a cab at 11, I waited half an hour on the phone (with breaks in between) for someone at the stupid cab service to pick up before I hung up angrily and stormed off to a bus stop. 700A was WAY more efficient than the damn cabs that night.

Okay, I don't feel like writing this, so I shall end off by saying two things:

1. I bought a cheesy souvenir BSB t-shirt! It cost 45 bucks. No wonder I'm broke; and

2. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and soul.


Oh yeah one more thing - tennis with NUS Wall Guy yesterday morning was largely unfocused and lethargic. Hot weather didn't help matters either. I find that an unfocused mind makes it harder to play. I was thinking about other things. Funny thing is, when I'm doing other things, I'm thinking about tennis.

Tennis with Wei Chuen Wednesday night was awesome, mainly because I totally played a winning volley! For once my uncertain foray to the net didn't end with me getting totally passed (he's very mean hor. I know D:). On hindsight, I think I forgot to change my grip in my state of panic and fear (my usual state whenever I approach the stupid net), but oh, that cross-court volley...second volley made in 328574827528 attempts over the past few months!

Lastly, Wei Chuen and I watched Up in the Air at Iluma last night and I fell asleep. I never fall asleep when I watch movies in the theatres. I attribute my falling asleep partly to the fact that I was tired, but I think the fact that the movie was fucking boring played a significant role, too.

It was SO boring. I honestly don't see which part of that mind-numbing snoozefest was Best Picture material. It was especially boring in the beginning when it was just George Clooney, before the co-stars appeared. This only reinforced what I said earlier, after I watched Michael Clayton, that he's not that great of an actor. He can't carry a scene by himself. He tried to carry Clayton by himself and I found him uncompelling and quite boring.

This is the third Jason Reitman film I've watched and, um, his work isn't getting any better for me. Thank You For Smoking wasn't nearly as smart as it tried to be, Juno was annoying, overrated, and thought itself to be more clever than it really was (and it ripped off Veronica Mars - the Old Testament line thing was from a Season 1 episode), and Up in the Air was just plain boring. I get it, but only an idiot wouldn't, and in the process of getting it I found myself utterly bored.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THE HYPE OVER THIS MOVIE. Please, PLEASE remind me to never watch another Jason Reitman movie ever again. I was put off the movie initially when I found out it was by the guy that did Smoking and Juno, but it had such favourable reviews and shit so I decided to give it a chance.

That chance culminated in me falling asleep, and ended in me feeling very happy when it was over so that I could go home and sleep some more. What an amazing movie.


Time to watch tennis! Davis Cup! Roger isn't playing, Switzerland is down 1-2 to Spain, and Warinka just totally blew a 4-1 lead in the second set and lost it 4-6 to David Ferrer. He lost the first set 2-6.

Anyway, even if Wawrinka wins, Switzerland is going to lose. No way in hell Chiudinelli can beat Almagro. Almagro sucks, but Chiudinelli is worse.

If only Roger played. OMG, if Roger and Nadal both played, they'd actually show the damn tie on TV. Now I have to watch boring France and Germany. Bleah.