April 14th, 2010

Charah coffee

Tennis: Rome Masters 2010


He's playing doubles with Yves Allegro and they won their opening match. I'm looking at pictures from the match and it's only NOW that it strikes me HOW MUCH I HAVE MISSED WATCHING HIM PLAY!

If all goes well, he plays Nadal in the semi-final. Half of me is hoping Nadal loses before that, but since that's highly unlikely, the other half of me is saying, BRING IT ON BIATCH. Hoping for a repeat of Madrid '09 final, which was also the last time they met.

Wow I totally can't wait to watch him! I realised that tonight's probably the only time I can watch him live unless he reaches the final on Sunday, so I'm gonna enjoy it! And um, try not to worry about him winning/losing...though that said, I'd be UTTERLY FREAKING HORRIFIED if he lost to Ernests Gulbis. Seriously.

Okay dinner time. I am ABSOLUTELY dying of gastric. I'm not even hungry; I just need to eat. Perhaps lunch - at 11.45 or so - was way too early.

Charah coffee

Not over yet.

Another boring George Clooney movie: The Men Who Stare At Goats. The trailer looked funny enough but I fell asleep after two thirds of the movie. Maybe it was the timing - 9.40 p.m. on Saturday - but then, I've watched plenty of movies at that time previously and the only other one I fell asleep at was Up in the Air.

I'm gonna avoid George Clooney movies for a while.

I'm gonna watch Shutter Island this weekend! Tong and I have been waiting for it ever since we saw the trailer in February (perhaps earlier) and it's finally out! I've already voiced out to him that I want to watch it in the afternoon so that I don't get scared when I go home. Um, haha. I'm lame.

Know what is also lame? The bus. I had the misfortune of taking a bus home yesterday. I attended some seminar at the Law Society, which is in South Bridge Road, and when it ended at 5.30, I stepped out to find that it was pouring. It was the kind of rain that didn't look like it would stop anytime within the next half hour or forty-five minutes, or more. It was the kind of rain that denied you shelter even though you were under one because it kept splattering and splashing in, and flooding the narrow pavement along the roads.

Just my luck, right? I was quite looking forward to going home at 5.30, but it just had to rain. I was standing at a bus stop that had Bus 61. I'd never taken it before. I saw that it went to Bukit Batok. When it arrived I took it. It was 5.45 p.m. when I took it.

When I reached the stop nearest to my house it was 7 p.m.

I swear, I nearly died. If it weren't for the fact that I fell asleep at one point, I would have completely died. I couldn't check the bus routes because the information board was not sheltered and it was raining too heavily for me to risk it, so I ended up risking it by taking a bus that terminates at Bukit Batok. Should I have known that it took ten million detours to get to a place that I could get to in less than half an hour by car? Perhaps I should have known. But I hate taking the bus precisely because it always takes so long, and so I really didn't think it'd be that bad.

First and last time. No more damn buses. My ass started to hurt after a while.

Apart from boring movies and uncomfortably never-ending bus rides, the past few days have been a flurry of sometimes-desperate job applications. I don't think I really felt the urgency (explains why I sat on my not-retained ass for over a month, doing nothing) until I got the letter from CPF informing me that it was time to pay up - that is, my NUS tuition fees. If the monthly deduction is to be $400 a month, I'm gonna have to have money to get by. In order to have money, I need a job. As it stands, I'm effectively unemployed. While it's not a bad place to be in per se 'cause you're sick of work, when you think of your mounting obligations your current status seems a little bit unfeasible.

I've sent out applications to six firms and four have written back saying that they have no vacancies. One of them asked if I wanted to do corporate or conveyancing (hell to the no for the latter. Actually, the former too). I was all, "Uh...no."

I was feeling a bit down about things - first time since this whole thing started - but one of the firms called to schedule for an interview, so I cancelled tennis tomorrow night for it. Yay? I'll see how that goes.

I think, at the end of the day, I have to remember that I didn't not get on the Dean's List and I also didn't not graduate with 2-1.

And when my mom gives me well-intended but unsound advice, I have to remember to just tune her out and not lose patience.


On a happier note, Andy Murray is currently losing to Philipp Kohlschreiber (my ability to spell this word means that I don't have mad cow). YAY. Time to watch the happy match!