May 10th, 2010

Charah coffee

Rock star.

I got thrown this totally random and WTF research at six and after the guy left, the first thing that came to my mind was, "OMG how the fuck I know."

I just did some nifty googling and I am SO pleased to say that I totally found the answer.



Trial today was okay. I was falling asleep at 11ish in the morning at 3ish in the afternoon. It got interesting when I could actually follow and knew where my boss was going with his cross-examination.

The associate whom I'm taking over cross-examined a minor witness today and she's only 1 year my senior. I saw her take the podium thingy and in my head the alarm bells went off and I was all, "OMG WTF AM I GONNA HAVE TO DO THIS TOO."

'Cause I didn't sign up for this job to actually TALK. I hate talking. I. HATE. Talking.

She did well though. I think I would've died if I were in her shoes.

It's pretty scary indeed.


Okay I'm going to shower and sleep!