June 13th, 2010

Charah coffee

Bye, Lost.

I finished watching the final season of Lost over the week.

The finale wasn't as mind-blowing as I'd hoped, and I'm quite disappointed that they left many of the sci-fi/myth stuff unanswered (like WTF is up with the numbers; what was the Island's source of light; actually, what was the island and who was the woman that killed Jacob and Jacob's Unnamed Brother mother and then raised them). And I got impatient at all the emotional stuff at the end because I was waiting for it to go somewhere, but it never really did.

But it left me strangely sad. Maybe it was because it was slowly daunting upon me that the show was really, really over, which is sad in itself. For all its flaws and unanswered question, it's a great show that kept me interested, especially throughout its last 2 seasons. It also produced seriously awesome characters, in particular Benjamin Linus, the villain whom I so hated when he was first introduced but whom I ended up rooting for when the show neared its end. John Locke, the tragic, failed hero, played amazingly by Terry O'Quinn, and ironically murdered by Linus at the end of Season 5, vindicated by, of all people, Jack Shephard when the latter was proven right about the island.

Lost is one major brainfuck. That's the primary thing I like about it: it keeps me wondering, keeps me guessing, leaves me going OMG and WTF at the end of every episode. That's why the finale was somewhat underwhelming: I went WTF, but no OMG, and I wanted more of the sci-fi stuff answered. But that wasn't the producers' intention, so...

It felt a bit cheap to have Smokey/NotLocke die so easily though, after all the build-up about how the world would absolutely end if he ever left the island. He lost his powers the second the island lost its source of light, so how dangerous could he have been? He was also never really shown to be THAT much of a villain. Sure, he turned into smoke and started slaughtering innocent people, but if the smoke part was the primary source of danger, and he lost it when Desmond turned off the light, how was he still dangerous?

Well, I guess the fact that I'm STILL confused after Lost has officially ended means that...it was a Lost finale. And thus fitting?

At least I got the whole alternate universe thing though. The thread on TWoP was flooded with like 10 pages of people going, "WTF they died from the first episode and the whole thing was purgatory?" Er, weren't you paying attention when Christian said that everyone died at some point?

On a shallow note, I was happy to see the hotness that is Ian Somerhalder. Unfortunately, he had a grand total of 2 scenes. I'm tempted to re-watch Season 1 of Lost just to see him since Vampire Diaries isn't coming back until like, September or something. (Continuing shallow note, fuck, his girlfriend is ugly. I'm mean. But I'm not the only one saying this!)

Back to the finale: Even though they all gathered in a church, I'm very glad that it didn't have a Christian ending.

Also, Sawyer and Juliet killed me. I almost cried.

But after a while, all the "omg I remember this now" from the characters became overwrought and predictable and thus silly, and I kind of stopped caring. Until, that is, Juliet and Sawyer. Ahhh I love them.

Okay, tired. I'm gonna shower then sleep.

Charah coffee

A proper entry.

Just came back from the Joshua Bell/Academy of St Martin in the Field concert to find out that Roger lost the Halle final to...Lleyton Hewitt.

My reaction is something like this: ...what?

Ah well. My favourite analysis of his post-Australian Open slump is the subconscious loss of motivation one. After you've pretty much done it all, what else is there to do? And when you have two adorable twin girls waiting for you at home, what's going to be the added motivating factor to push you to stay on the training courts, rather than go home to your family?

His love for the game, maybe. And that's probably why he hasn't retired. But considering all that he's achieved, and that he's a new father, I wouldn't be surprised if he's subconsciously lost the motivation to play the way he used to.

Ah well. Hoping for a better outcome at Wimbledon, obviously, and I'd be crushed if he doesn't win; but it wouldn't be the end of the world.


On another note, I think it's no surprise that my constipation problem came back exactly two days before I'm due to go back to work.

I don't even want to talk about that - going back to work. Next topic please.


Wei Chuen and I watched Killers at Cathay on Thursday. The original plan was to go to Universal Studios but neither of us knew that you had to buy tickets in advance. Like, online. What the fuck? I found out at the very last minute, i.e. when he was waiting for a cab to pick me up en route to Sentosa, when I checked out the place online. When I tried to buy tickets for that day, the system told me all tickets were sold out. I needed a human confirmation so I called them up and they confirmed it.

We were both very sad. He was all ready to get on his Mummy ride (haha he's so cute). Now we have to go on a Saturday which is a total bummer AND is six dollars more expensive.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that we had dinner at the newly-renovated mall behind Cathay after the movie, and after dinner we spotted a dance studio with transparent glass walls opposite TCC (where we had dinner, and where he ordered the seafood aglio olio DESPITE me warning him that it was damn spicy and that I was sweating through it the last time I ate it. He regretted not listening to me after two mouthfuls of the pasta). It was some hip-hop dance class - instructor was dressed in baggy clothes and chunky, high-top sneakers, and the students were also similarly dressed. We stood outside to watch out of curiosity, and we were there for quite a long time - long enough to spot this older woman, about 30ish, in a white sleeveless top and orange track pants. She first stood out because of her age, then because of her bright orange pants, and finally, because of her absolute lack of coordination and general inability to dance.

It was SO funny. We spent at least 15 minutes watching her and laughing. He'd make some disparaging comment and I'd say to him, "Don't be so mean!" and then I'd proceed to laugh at her myself.

That said, I do admire her gall. If I were her...on second thought, I don't even need to put myself in her shoes, 'cause there's no way in hell I'd ever step into a dance studio with transparent walls. In the first place, there's no way in hell I'd ever sign up for a dance class, no matter what sub-category of dance we're talking about. So for Orange Pants to be there is amazing in itself, and I salute her courage and apparent passion.

Her talent, though? Not so much. But thanks for the laugh.