July 25th, 2010


Inception (spoilers)

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My parents are damn weird though. They think the movie is dull or stupid because it shows the characters dreaming the majority of the time. Sigh, they clearly missed the point.

Anyway, in other news, NUS Wall Guy brought a huge bag of trainers to tennis this morning and practised his serve. I was on the receiving end and it was honestly the first time that I appreciated how difficult it is to return a serve - a proper serve. Which also translates to: I appreciated fully how important the serve is. If your opponent can't control the return, the point is over in your favour.

It happened like that 90% of the time. I swear, everytime the topspin serve went to my backhand, it flew to the adjacent court - and I hardly ever hit balls to another court when I'm actually playing. I couldn't control it at all. NUS Wall Guy kept telling me to block it back but I had no idea what that even meant. I see Roger doing it all the time, but he's comfortable with only one hand on the racquet on his backhand side; I'm not. Last week I hit a backhand volley against Justin and I thought my arm was going to break. I only successfully blocked back the ball once, off the forehand (when whacking the ball back didn't work, I tried blocking it back - most times the ball didn't even go over the net).

Apart from that, today was generally not good. There were spurts of focused play but it started off bad and didn't really pick up. At one point I netted 3 forehands in a row. That usually happens with the backhand (which is uh, very hard to control when I'm tired. Which is half the time), which is where my kill shots come from but it's not as consistent as the forehand. I also totally lost focus when I noticed that it was time for the two uncles who always play at Court 2 every Saturday at 11 a.m., probably to 1 p.m., to show up, but they weren't there. That was SO distracting. Before I realised that I was playing quite well, moving quite well, timing things quite well; after I noticed that the uncles weren't there, I started wondering: Where are the uncles? How come they're not here? And when I heard footsteps coming towards me, I'd think, Is that them? I even looked over my shoulder in the middle of a rally to see if it was the uncles and I ended up losing. I also kept looking over at Court 2, expecting to see them, but they weren't there. And it really disturbed me.

I swear, I'm not OCD. But it was just damn weird not to see the uncles taking their usual court and I can't help but wonder what happened to them, if anything happened to them.

Anyway, lastly, I hit a nice whip forehand winner, entirely because the rally was more than 8 shots and I was fucking tired and I wanted it to end. But the positive thing to take away from that is that I sensed an opportunity to put the damn ball away, took it, and it paid off.

I do need to start thinking more on the court though. Mostly my aim is to get the ball over the net, in the middle - neutral shots, in other words. I do occasionally think about where I want to put the ball but that's not happening often enough. Apparently I also have to start thinking about my court positioning - my modus operandi is to go back to the centre, but NUS Wall Guy said it's better to cover the cross-court and take the risk of exposing myself to a down-the-line shot because the latter is a high-risk shot, not played unless opponent is super confident; and covering the cross-court, staying around that part of the court, would give me more time to get to the ball. Or whatever.

I mean, that makes sense, but I don't really think about it.

One thing at a time, yes?